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Dongfeng Honda ur-v or Guangzhou Auto Show debut in 2017 – Sohu-zhuxianduowan


Dongfeng Honda UR-V or Guangzhou Auto Show debut in 2017 – Sohu car [Sohu car] Dongfeng Honda new midsize SUV models UR-V is expected to debut in the Guangzhou auto show, is expected to be listed in early 2017. UR-V and Honda crown road are derived from the CONCEPT D concept car, before the news that this version of medium SUV to overseas "pilot" as the blueprint, but now seems very different with the expected. [UR-V] new Dongfeng Honda retains more CONCEPT D concept car design elements, Dazui grille with chrome trim style design, the internal ends of the central into the headlight group. Compared to the crown road design, the UR-V design is more young, the tail of the whole body through the tail lights, more personality. Guangzhou Honda crown road] new car size of 48251942 1670mm, as a reference, the crown road size of 48161942 1669mm, the wheelbase is also 2820mm. UR-V in terms of the size of the body and Ford sharp edge closer, if you provide 7 models, will be more competitive. [CONCEPT] UR-V D concept car power and crown Road, is expected to provide only the initial 2.0T engine, the maximum output power of 200kW (272PS), maximum torque of 370Nm, drive, or the car will match the 9 speed automatic transmission, with optional AWD version. The future will also provide 1.5T turbocharged engine as an entry power options.相关的主题文章: