Doubly guilty punished Shanxi to crack down on delaying concealed accident-midd-885


Doubly guilty punished Shanxi to crack down on accident delaying concealed from Shanxi Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial government, Shanxi coal Supervision Bureau of Shuozhou Supervision Bureau in November 7th to set up a special investigation team, Pinglu District of Shuozhou City West Yi Yi Shun coal mine group "to investigate 11 and 2 flooding accident delaying situation. Prior to November 2nd, the Taiyuan branch has Shanxi coking coal Xishan Coal and electricity Zhenchengdi Coal Mine "8 and 25" accident investigation fall well concealed. The provincial government to treat late accident, concealed attitude and resolutely punished: doubly guilty. In November 5th the provincial government held the first meeting in November 7th and the bimonthly mayor provincial government held a meeting stressed that the work of production safety, to seriously deal with accident reporting, delaying the recent relevant responsibility. It is understood that in the future where the accident occurred late, concealed, false, I have to improve the province grade of accident investigation, who are responsible for serious treatment, which constitute a crime should be transferred to judicial organs according to law. In order to learn the lesson, learn a lesson, to avoid delaying, cheat, lie the accident, the provincial government safety committee office issued a circular and supervise the handling. "Bulletin" requirements of Taiyuan, Shuozhou two city should actively cooperate with the local coal mine safety watchdog, strictly and severely promptly carry out investigations, units and personnel to organize and participate in the late, concealed the accident strict accountability, punish criminals according to law. Investigation results will be announced to the public in a timely manner. Governments at all levels and members of the unit to give full play to the supervisory role of public opinion, timely reporting and exposure late, concealed the accident of the enterprise, the formation of common concern of the whole society, joint supervision of the atmosphere. (source: Shanxi daily Cui Xinlong, Li Lun)相关的主题文章: