Down payment loan funds difficult to control ICBC Suzhou branch fined 250 thousand candle june


Suzhou branch of the first payment of funds difficult to control the Bank of China branch fined 250 thousand Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Beijing daily news (reporter Cui Qibin Cheng Weimiao) although the down payment loan regulators have been repeatedly pledged to stop, but he turned the ground of the first payment of "blood transfusion" is still popular. Recently, the Suzhou branch of ICBC for the customer portion of the first payment from developers found that by the Suzhou Banking Bureau fined 250 thousand yuan. This year, there have been a number of banks have been punished for the customer pays to examine the sources of lax, behind this problem is the down payment loan funds is difficult to control. According to the Suzhou Banking Bureau announcement, ICBC Suzhou branch because of lax, the first payment source of the borrower audit found no portion of the first payment from the developers, resulting in individual personal housing mortgage loans, the first payment of actual problems, imposed a fine of 250 thousand yuan. This is since the first down payment loan was halted after the first ticket in Jiangsu province. In fact, this year has been more than the banking regulatory bureau to fight illegal institutions board". In April this year, 2 months, Shanghai Banking Bureau has ordered the Bank of China Linyi Road branch, Jingan branch of ICBC and other 7 banks to suspend the individual housing loan business, the reason is that the 7 banks to "Shoufu funds lax review"; in May, the Shenzhen branch of Guangdong Development Bank for circulation amount of personal consumption credit was diverted to do individual housing mortgage Shoufu fined 400 thousand yuan. Regulators board is due to the down payment loan has been repeatedly stopped. In March this year, regulators continuous shot rectification of the down payment loan; on the end of the month, the seven ministries jointly issued a document, qualitative down payment loan for illegal financial products, provide Shoufu loans and other products and services specifically for intermediary shall provide cooperation with other organizations or. For this policy, the majority of banks to implement more quickly. A ICBC Credit Department sources, the bank does not currently associated with the first payment of any loan business, consumer loans are suspended for. Another joint-stock bank credit department official said, the bank did not have a down payment loan business, consumer loans can continue to apply, but no matter what kind of loan business, you need to go through the branches of multi-level checks. However, the Beijing Daily reporter found that "many ways of payment led by blood transfusion has not disappeared, just moved under the table operation. Many real estate intermediary can also advance down payment for home buyers, and some intermediary directly underwritten, some is closely linked with the bank. The second way, mostly by the agency to come forward to help buyers from the bank to apply for a large credit card, apply for a high amount of consumer loans or make a mortgage, etc., and then use the funds for housing down payment. So buyers pay down payment funds are not their own. Lv Suiqi, deputy director of the Finance Department of the school of economics of Peking University said, because intermediaries joined, some bank staff also have interests in it, so the approval time, this table is difficult to review the use of funds. There are bank sources, does not rule out the bank’s internal staff and the situation of collusion with the intermediary, simply say that the theory of acquaintances相关的主题文章: