Dozens of pounds of mahjong seats drop from the clouds Chengdu women’s head smashed halo (Figure) (v-jodie foster


Dozens of pounds of mahjong seats drop from the clouds Chengdu women’s head smashed halo (Figure) "is that the scalp and skull skull a little faint, this one hit the red umbrella, if not then estimates that event." About 9:40 last night, who lives in Longquanyi (micro-blog) Jardine metro area C on behalf of Ms. go to areas within the pharmacy to his son to buy cold medicine, go to the pharmacy door, who knows a mahjong mat hit generation drop from the clouds, ms.. Ms. Dai said that if it was not raining, she propped up an umbrella to block it, the twenty or thirty pounds of mahjong seats hit the head, do not know what to hit the event. The lady told reporters at the generation of client, she was smashed senseless. Until the pharmacy staff came out and asked her if she was injured, she came back to the police. "The police on a one to check, to knock on the door, 6 people have opened the door of the 4, said they are not, and then there are still not open the door, it may not be in the 2." The pharmacy upstairs is a residential building, a total of 6 households, of which only two did not install the fence, that is to say this is probably one of the mahjong seats from the two families did not install the fence, drop out. "I do not think I accidentally fall out, not when the drying mat fall down, because the mat is folded down, like the same purpose." Since no one claimed the mahjong table, the police had no choice but to do further investigation. Ms. Dai was also sent to the hospital by his family, do a careful examination. "The doctor said he can not see what the problem was, remains to be seen, do not rule out what sequela, I am now with headache and dizziness." Generation lady said, although the body does not matter, but now think of it, she still feel fear. "The first time I met this kind of thing, I do not dare to go near the floor, go to the street or from under the shelter, there is a shadow." According to the residents of the District, the district has more than one thing happened falling objects. "The last time someone upstairs to pour water, a few days ago also fell to instant noodles from upstairs, really too dangerous." Because of concerns that such things happen again, generation lady found residential property management, hoping to find that the initiator of evil. "Wuguan said I fuss, call me well, I think about life, because it really could have gotten out of things. Now I want to find this person, the compensation, second said to remind, do not happen again in the future." Today at noon, accompanied by reporters, Ms. Dai once again found the wuguan. "We have a knock on the door, the said he did not like the dotey mahjong seats, we put up a notice in the cell door, hope someone can take the initiative to stand up." On behalf of the lady told reporters that if no one stand up and admit, she can only leave the matter to the police, the police said, if not found what households hit mahjong seats, all the damages of Ms. Wang will be assessed by 6 households in residential buildings. See client reporter Qian Lijiang Jun editor’s note: this video has nothing to do with the original, only the extended reading heaven henghuo! A man from the 20 floor fall on the main smashed cars was smashed to death相关的主题文章: