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.puters-and-Technology Since its inception Drupal has entered quietly into the scene where it is enjoying industry standard in the web content management and web publishing field. Drupal development, Offshore Drupal development and outsource Drupal development is rising at rapid speed and developers are almost cult-like followers. Drupal offers organized user-friendly core system along with thousands of modules that allows developers to customize during offshore Drupal development. This CMS has something for everyone whether you are a business owner or a developer, the one is tech-savvy and the other one is unaware of anything about web CMS. But when Drupal development is in picture each size of .pany can benefit from its content management solutions and satisfy their CMS requirements by adding value in one or the other way. Free nature is adding to its benefits by being very cost-effective while reducing the costs for Drupal development. Drupal is incredibly .petitive for users and when developers offer customized solutions these solutions offer unmatched benefits. Customized solutions serve unique needs and that too in a cost-effective way thus users can work effectively and increase productivity and operational efficiency. It enjoys a reputation of very useful and beneficial CMS but still it is sprung up with several myths. After being somewhat old there are certain myths that have been cleared out from peoples mind but some are still there. By being so .petitive in prices and allowing developers to customize with its free nature Drupal still is considered as an anarchic among some developers. Here they mean it has no directions that guide them towards successful offshore Drupal development and so investing here is a risk for .panies and business for website development. Here is the most .mon myth we have .e around which has some reasons also behind its statements. But we suggest Drupal is the best CMS choice and should be considered strongly by different sizes of business and organizations. No. 1 myth is that Drupal is lacking support: Being open source it is not produced or created by any well-established entities like Mozilla. Some .panies believe that once they are with Drupal CMS they are on their own. Many do believe that when they get proprietary solutions they receive more than a solution. Here they believe that they receive more support with the solutions and so can also get troubleshooting aid if they stuck up in any problems. They see no similar support in Drupal. Obviously there are many enthusiastic users but what it their solution at the time of development phase undergoes some problems or if developers do not configure the features correctly or perfectly? OR suppose if there is any partner involved in aiding the development what if the engagement ends? At the end users are in rain without any umbrella to secure them or keep them safe. So what is the myth here? When we talk of support then Drupal is not near to lacking totally but its just opposite. Drupal has dedicated support from its .munity members who have put in many resources for making the Drupal development successful. Developers have built thousands of projects for .panies wherein they conveniently link to website of Drupal and have created many business models that support and manage efforts of Drupal. Many such .panies support or aid support round the clock to make the entire process successful and highly supportive. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: