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Software SEO Checklist Module This module helps the Drupal developers to obtain a good list of SEO practices. This best of list makes the analyst understand the requirements properly. The already present modules are initially inspected and all you have to do is install the unchecked modules. The process is .plete once all the unchecked modules are changed to checked status. Pathauto Use of the pathauto modules makes it very simple for every Drupal developer as text based URLs are created instantaneously making the website highly legible and easy for the users to read. The keywords are present in the website in a very subtle way making it simple for search engines to find the website developed by the Drupal programmer this also helps in enhancing the attractive look of the website. Path for the content of the website and space for the websites title is efficiently placed by Pathauto. Paths are made with coherence to the content that is being provided. Paths are made with coherence to the content that is being provided. Global Redirect Module Global redirect module works as a supporter which ensures that all variants of the URL are redirected to a single authoritative URL. Without this module you will be able to check the content at node and blog at the same, which is not good with the search engines. Nodewords Modules The nodewords segments instantly produce the meta data straight from your content that you have already obtained. It helps the Drupal programmer to save from developing them personally for each page, which is a busy job. Nodewords are the highly effective segments which can also be used to make search phrases meta tag from .mon taxonomy labels. XML Sitemap The XML website map .ponent is used for Drupal which instantly produces the website map for the users and hits a significant looking keyword to inform them with a new content. It configures Drupal and contributes tracking system web link and also configures site-map auto-discovery for your website by including. With the use of website map no web pages and hyperlinks will be neglected and it hyperlinks ever node of your website that are released on the home page. Google Analytical Module The Google systematic .ponent is a self-explanatory .ponent which contributes Google newest research software to your sites which paths system to your sites. It watches all types of the hyperlinks and information that are downloadable from your pages. It customized facilitates with the varying with wedding party and also facilitates site search. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: