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The thrills of the Dubai desert Safari Tour – Sohu first impression of Dubai tourism are from the "sex and the city 2", "mission impossible 4", "flowers and young" and other film and television works, until one day Xiaobian really came to Dubai, and came to the legend of the country. A lot of people will use the "half of the water, half of the desert" to describe Dubai, so blue and yellow is the city’s main colors. Dubai is a completely built in the desert city, no roadside cement on the ground, that piece of sand. It can be said that the desert is the main body of the city of Dubai, Dubai is a miracle in the desert. Much of the desert world, but the passion of the desert must be Dubai! Xiao Bian still remember the "sex and the city 2" in the Dubai desert in the sand of the four women. Sand, is the UAE and the entire region of Arabia, one of the most popular folk fun movement, so to Dubai must experience a Dubai sand. The driver is about 3:20 in the afternoon to pick us up at the hotel, as a result of the small newspaper is a day tour, so after we have received the other guests, after receiving the official departure. Our car is a TOYOTA Land Cruiser, plus the driver just 7. This is our sand with the car tyres, let some air in sand before our chance. A special configuration of the sand dunes along the top of the jeep, from the bottom up to the dunes, then slide on sand peak valley, free shuttle. That is almost right angled downward visual impact, at any time there is a sense of weightlessness sensory stimulation, looking at the vehicle flying sand, car bursts of screaming and driver brother playing loud music in Arabia, get off a little foot weak excitement. It’s so exciting. This is definitely the adventurer’s game! The gap between the driver and the driver of the car to stay in the sand dune peak moment, enjoy the unique scenery of the desert. Ask the specific feeling of sand, can be summarized as similar to the roller coaster, but the scenery is better, with a head planted in the angle of sand ridges in the desert crazy sprint, have to say is crazy enough, you can also enjoy the desert sunset. Sand, the car came to Arabia customs farm, into the desert tent, camel, a buffet dinner in Arabia: a variety of fresh salad, barbecue, a variety of beverages (excluding alcoholic drinks). Enjoy the unique Arabia music and belly dance, dance with the beautiful dancers, dressed in national costume in Arabia photograph, taste characteristics of Arabia hookah, rendering Arabia folk hand-painted. Eat satisfied drink foot and belly dance can be seen, the essence of the entire program is a word "shake", whole body shaking, just a different partition domain position to shake, but it does shake really needs a real effort and skill. Finally the actor invited Ms. the audience with her results continued to shake, bravely rushed a dozen, all colors in different countries together to show off their woman shake. It was a very interesting performance, especially in the desert of the starry desert. Around 9:00 in the evening, the driver took us back to the hotel, the end of a pleasant相关的主题文章: