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Enough power and fuel! Which made the best 1.5T? – acceleration, linear Sohu car long before we have a crush on large displacement engine was sufficient basic has disappeared now, large displacement self-priming is destined not to meet the development of modern society, and finally you will find civilian cars now, is self-priming and small displacement turbocharged engine only under small displacement and since the small displacement self-priming is awesome, so the turbine which of the domestic brand is the best? Why are now popular small displacement turbocharged? In the final analysis is the cause of national policy! Buy a large displacement of the model means that you need to pay more tax! 1.6L and the following displacement models before December 31st can enjoy preferential purchase tax policy! Since a large displacement engine is not cost-effective, small displacement self-priming and suck, so the turbine engine has become the mainstream, low emission, high power is in line with national conditions! Which 1.5T model stronger? SAIC GM Wuling Baojun – Application Models: 560, 730 Po Chun 560730 use a codenamed LL5 self-developed 1.5T turbocharged engine equipped with a turbocharger, the Honey Well Company, using the double variable intake and exhaust system, formal multi-point EFI technology, engine parameters belong to the mainstream level, but the maximum torque the output range is not wide enough, but low torque performance of this 1.5T engine is good, can bring you a good speedup, but after a period of performance is relatively weak, fuel consumption performance is good. The Great Wall car – Harvard Application Models: H2, H6, H6Coupe of Harvard brand has been using a code named 1.5T GW4G15B turbocharged engine, this is a the Great Wall independent engine, is actually in their own code for the GW4G15 1.5L self-priming engine with turbo and hard transformation, divided into high and low power and high power version. The version is for the Harvard brand, but in terms of technology and more highlights, as in the inlet side is equipped with variable technology, still use the multi point injection timing technology. But the engine data mediocre, turbo intervention time is late, low torque performance so many owners worry, but the good news is that the Great Wall is brewing a new independent engine, whether technical or dynamic aspects of the innovation, but also need to wait. Zotye automobile application models: Z500, X5, SR7, T600 first step Zotye and no technical reserves are too high, and not their own turbine engine, so it is also using the MITSUBISHI engine fan, Zotye’s summary using code named TNN4G15T (Z500 4A91T, Z500G (low), high take X5, SR7), Z500 and X5 in the torque parameter because the adjustment problem is different; 15S4G (T600) 1.5T turbine engine three models, MITSUBISHI engine technology can accept (4A91T or very good), the dynamic parameters of average level, but wins in stable quality.相关的主题文章: