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Excellent family: 3 years old look big, 7 year old look old, the seven habits from the Sohu maternal review: some people say that the child is to let him free to play, not to control, Xiaohui does not think so. The old saying: 3 years old look big, look old at the age of 7, can really affect the child to become an important condition of a great man, is to develop good habits from childhood! The following 7 habits, we must help children grow up! 3 year old look big, look old at the age of 7, these seven habits must be taught to children! (Figure) first, will say thank you. Good manners from "thank you", if the face with a smile is better, it is the most beautiful face, no one would hate with a smile on the face of their own people, of course, parents should teach children heartfelt thanks and smile, which requires children gratitude, a grateful people will love friends, filial piety, loyalty and reward the society, must be a useful person. Second, will make friends. Make friends, it can be said that every mental health of the inevitable choice, the child is no exception, no matter what age, will find the one or two share the joy and pain of the partners. Able to make friends with children, the character is often lively and cheerful, independent and confident. Parents should teach children some skills of making friends, to set an example to the children, they want to make some "good" friends, don’t turn evil associates. Third, diligent reading. Diligence is to have the habit of reading, learn to use the time to read, to meet all kinds of difficulties when reading. Fast, fast reading speed, the ability to obtain new information. Fourth, loudly express their views. Foster children from a young age, have the courage to express their views, it is necessary to give children the opportunity to speak. Some of the small things that can be decided by the child, might as well give the child to make their own decisions, encounter major events, may wish to listen to the views of the child, perhaps he will give you a surprise. Family meetings at home, but also to allow children to speak. The shy child, mom and dad will guide children to express their views, otherwise the child will not be assertive, drift, regret it too late. Fifth, will do housework. Let the kids to practice doing housework, its purpose is not for parents to share sorrows, but expectations for the child’s future and culture, is responsible for the performance of parents of children. In addition to let the children love clean, clean and tidy, the children will do housework stronger, will find ways to solve their own problems, but also love home, more responsible. Sixth, movement. Both boys and girls, we all advocate that he (she) has a healthy body, more exercise, less illness, whether it is a child’s learning or other factors, should give the child’s health concessions. So, our parents, often take their children to exercise, let the children develop the habit of exercise, it is not only for the sake of the health of the child, the child is a good time to broaden their horizons, to communicate with people, for the child’s life have a great impact. Seventh, sincere. Psychological research found that interpersonal relationships, the most valued quality!相关的主题文章: