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Exposure of the Champions League to consider the abolition of overtime Ferguson: no love ot the Champions League future cancel overtime to walk? Sina sports eighteenth UEFA elite coaches forum held recently in Nyon, sir Ferguson, Mourinho, Ancelotti and marshal all attended the forum. An important topic of the forum is a Champions League game, the coaches to discuss the possibility of the Champions League canceled overtime. According to the "Daily Telegraph" reported that Ferguson, Ancelotti and Benitez are discussing the coach after the end of normal time directly into the possibility of a penalty shootout, Sir Alex thinks he did not want to see the players exhausted in overtime on the pitch "walk", it is difficult to have the team to win in overtime. The United legend Marshal said: "when the 90 minutes after the whistle, I don’t think we love to see the players were exhausted in overtime, (in overtime) I always think the game would go to penalties. You look at this year’s Champions League final, the players on the pitch…… The game will inevitably enter the penalty shootout, so the question is, how should we improve this situation?" UEFA technical director Lupescu analysis of the problem: "some coaches said the end of the regular time directly after the penalty kick, another coach said that to pay more attention to the weak defensive advantage. One thing is clear, that is in today’s football, the players playing the game too much, so we can put forward this problem — from their perspective, play overtime is also worth?" 10 recent Champions League draw with conventional time (single or two round) case, 7 times into the penalty shootout, only three did not play the penalty are: 2015-16 season Bayern Juventus 4-2; 2013-14 season 2014-15 season Atletico Madrid 4-1; Chelsea and Paris in overtime each scored a goal, though a single game score but still end neither in victory nor defeat with away goals, Paris promotion (2-2 away, 1-1 home court, the road 1 ball scored in overtime). While in the Libertadores cup, two teams draw after not overtime. (Huadiwei sub)相关的主题文章: