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FA Cup reminder Hawke, the recent need to fight away from home in the near future, White www.1hhh.com


The FA Cup: White Hawke recently reminded need continuous fighting away the FA football forecast analysis: Stour Bridge vs White Hawke 2016-11-14 04:00:00 start time: analysis of hunting ball: FUN88 3.55 2.46 FUN88 2.55: first for the instant: 2.59 3.55 2.50 Stour Bridge? England FA Cup team in England for all members of the FA the team, including super league, group A, group B, group C and amateur groups, the game is divided into eight circles, in addition to the pre final and final, each circle of events within 90 minutes if tied, are required to replay. This is the first ring replay by Stour Bridge home court against White Hawke. Super J Tauer Buri from Britain? North before the season 16 League recorded a record of 7 wins, 4 draws and 5 losses, in twelfth standings, ranking is basically reflect the strength of the team. Stour? Bridge on the first lap at 1-1 draw with White Hawke, the need to return to the home court against replay, the morale of the team to improve a lot. The last round of League? White Hawke sits in a 2-1 win over Come at home court, home court made 2 league wins, the field continues to attack the cup home court rival White Hawke in the face of more competitive power. Stour? Bridge’s recent status improved significantly, the last 3 games in all competitions 2 wins, 1 unbeaten, the team should be optimistic about the trend, but it should be pointed out that J Tauer Buri in 7 games this season in the 6 home court tournament field goal, the existence of hidden defense team. In addition, J Tauer Buri? A team on the offensive end, the past 10 games in 9 games have to break the record, strike fire more stable. White Hawke? White Hawke is a British on the Southern League team this season, the first 16 League recorded a record of 6 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses, placed thirteenth in the table, the overall strength of the League belongs to the middle. The English league is on? South England area second level league, this opponent J Tauer Buri belongs to the British North high level, the two teams occupy a certain advantage lineup. White? Hawke in the first 4 FA Cup recorded 3 wins and 1 draws unbeaten record, the 1 time is a home court by J Tauer Buri to a 1-1 draw, White Hawke lost the home court advantage to regain confidence. The last round of League? White Hawke in the home court by 2-4 not enemy Truro City, suffered 2 consecutive games in all competitions over the team all fell, after they had scored 5 wins in all competitions. White? Hawke recently need continuous fighting away, while rival J Tauer Buri at home court Plaza, and physical state were less than the opponent, White Hawke needs to make an effective adjustment. ? that White Hawke is good at fighting away, the last 6 games 5 wins and 1 negative results, recently even scored 3 straight away, I believe White Hawke squad better ability to win. Data from the Hunter: J Tauer Buri?相关的主题文章: