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Fashion Rocks Asia debut pre-sale starts, days after Coco Lee back at the scene as a series of activities in spring 2017 Shanghai fashion week, Fashion Rocks Asia first show will debut at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center shining on the night of October 14th, with the concept and form of the avant-garde, the international fashion elements in Shanghai Zhou Zengtian more heavy, and will become a fashionable topic. Following the first press conference announced that the British singer Charli XCX will SANKUANZ Chinese namesake brand cooperation and independent designer Shangguan zhe appeared in the Fashion Rocks Asia stage debut, August 18th 22 the Bund press conference further announced that the international Coco Lee days festival featuring the host, and Italy to join the luxury brand La Perla on Fashion Rocks. Meanwhile, Fashion Rocks Asia’s first show tickets announced the sale of the start. The guests start Fashion Rocks Asia debut as a pre-sale only Chinese song to sing at the Oscar awards ceremony, Coco Lee in 2016, "I am a singer" program won the "King" title, is one of the most popular Chinese music idol is the most sought after, recognized by the world’s Asian female singer. La Perla is Italy’s top lingerie and swimwear brand, brand since 1954 since the birth of the perfect interpretation of the elegant, sexy and precious and unique style, unique outfit dedicated to the transfer of philosophy, In & fashion concept and attitude to Out, can also be used as daily wear as evening collocation, also attended the event. International Day CoCo LEE Coco Lee during the spring and summer 2017 Shanghai fashion week, with the world’s top musicians and internationally renowned fashion brands together, in the name of music, the trend of fashion. * about Fashion RocksFashion Rocks began in 2003, followed by London, New York, Monaco and other fashion capital. Every time nearly 2.5 hours of Fashion Music Festival, more than million people watching at the same time, covering more than 180 countries around the world. Beyoncé Grace Jones, Robbie, Williams, David Bowie, Justin Bieber, a popular star studded scene, Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Christian integration, Dior Gucci, Giorgio Armani and other big line near the level of aesthetic art, fashion and music in the name of light. As one of the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic fashion week, Fashion Rocks Asia’s first show in Shanghai will also be added to the Shanghai fashion week heavy international elements, and will become a national fashion topic.相关的主题文章: