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Female life only 180 times the possibility of pregnancy? Sohu maternal and child every woman’s life, there are up to 300 times, the best age of pregnancy, is between the age of 20 to the age of 35, this time there are a total of female menstrual period of 180. A woman can only rule out an egg a month. So, the best opportunity for pregnant women to give birth to a normal baby only 180 times. If you are between the ages of 20 and 35, you can count yourself, how many chances to get pregnant. Use 35 minus your age, and then multiply by, get a basic score, if you are 25 years old, (35-25) × 12=120120 is your basic score. Then in this fraction on Gaga: 1, how do artificial abortion? The answer is that people buckle 5 points, there are more than three times the flow of people experience buckle of 10 points; the 2, whether to do more than 4 months in the middle and late induction operation? A induced labor operation button 12 points; 3, whether there had been ectopic pregnancy surgery? There is a deduction of 30 points; 4, do you have more than 2 sexual partners? Answer "yes" buckle 5 points; 5, whether to work overtime every night more than 2 times? Every time more than a deduction 2 points; 6, the daily work of living away from the radiation source, pollution sources closer? Answer "yes" button 3 points; and, 7, do you have a history of dieting or long-term use of cosmetics? Answer "yes" button 3 points; 8, do not have a day to drink more than two cups of coffee? Answer "yes" button 2 points; 9, do you smoke more than 5 cigarettes per day? Answer "yes" button 2 points; 10, there are no more than a week to go to bars, KTV? The answer is "yes" 3 points; now you are the number of points. First, pay close attention to the timing of ovulation, help you ten in nine although be pregnant likely to sex in the menstrual period, but the probability of intercourse pregnancy ovulation period will be greater, ten in nine. You can use some software to know your ovulation time, or their own judgment. Usually the day of ovulation will be in the next 14 days before menstruation. The first 5 days of ovulation and after the first 4 days, together with the ovulation date, including a total of 10 days called ovulation. Sexual activity is likely to become pregnant during ovulation, so ovulation is also known as a period of conception or risk. Two, grasp the best age of pregnant women pregnant age, the impact on the development of children is very large. The optimal age for women is 24 to 30 years. In this age group, egg quality and body function are the best. After this age, the possibility of pregnancy will decline more likely to abortion. Therefore, the best age to not more than 30 years of age. Three, static braking, to avoid excessive tension and look forward to looking forward to the child too, too nervous is not good. Unsettled women affected her mood, will also have certain influence to ovulation, while men in bad mood, it will also affect the secretion of testosterone, resulting in decreased sperm count. Therefore, please enjoy sex, anyway, no one love posture has been shown to be more effective than another. Take相关的主题文章: