Final Demonstration Of Eu-funded Firefighting Robots-wharfedale


Computers-and-Technology Robotics experts from Sheffield Hallam University have been working with fire fighters from South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue to showcase a unique group of fire fighting robots. Researchers say the robots, called Guardians and Viewfinders, could revolutionise the way fire fighters work. Funded by the European Union, the Guardians are a ‘swarm’ of autonomous robots that can navigate and search urban areas like warehouses and factories. The robots warn of toxic chemicals, provide and maintain communication links, infer localisation information and assist in searching. The enhanced operational safety and speed and thus indirectly save lives. The robots carry laser-range, radio-signal and ultrasound sensors. They can be used to assist search and rescue during large scale incidents, for example warehouse fires and chemical spills. Dr Jacques Penders from Sheffield Hallam’s Centre for Automation and Robotics Research, said: "The Guardian robots navigate autonomously and accompany a traditional human fire fighter. They connect to a wireless ad-hoc network and forward data to the human operator and the control station. The network is self-organising, adapting to connection failures by modifying its connections from local to central connections. "Viewfinders autonomously navigate through and inspect an area, but human operators can monitor their operations as well as control their movements if needed. "The interface ensures the human fire fighters get a good, relevant overview of the ground and the robots and human rescue workers inside." A demonstration of the fire fighting robots was held at South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue’s Training and Development Centre in Handsworth, Sheffield. Station manager Neil Baugh, from South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, said: "Searching through industrial fires is time consuming and dangerous. Toxins may be present and human senses can be severely impaired, leading to disorientation." The Centre for Automation and Robotics was launched in January 2010 and the Guardian and Viewfinder robots were used in the opening ceremony. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: