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Dating Most people have a misconception that it is easy for the rich and/or the beautiful to find their soul mate. However, reality says otherwise. Sometimes owing to their busy work schedule, these rich and/or beautiful people don’t even get the time to date. So, how they find bliss and happiness? How do they find their special one? How do they find their soul mate? Well, all they need to do is, log on to RichOrBeautiful.. . RichOrBeautiful.. is a revolutionary website that offers dating services to the rich and/or beautiful people. Their elite clientele includes millionaires, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, models, actors etc. This website forms a perfect platform for singles to interact on a personal level. So, it is a network of rich and beautiful people all under one big e-roof. So how does RichOrBeautiful.. really work? For all those who consider themselves rich’, that is, their earnings are more than USD 150,000 per annum or have assets of at least USD 750,000 they can simply select the Rich category when creating their profile. Once they have created an account for themselves, they can upload their photograph and begin to use the services of RichOrBeautiful.. . Some of the services include chatting with other members, and browsing through other profiles. They can even vote for a new Beautiful Member Prospect. So, the Rich are automatically approved as members on this site. For those who consider themselves beautiful’, after creating their account and selecting their category as Beautiful, they need to upload their photograph. As beauty cannot be quantified, existing members, that is, those members with Rich Member Status, vote on the beauty factor to approve the membership of a prospective member. They can vote for the prospective member for the next 4 days. If the votes are not in favour, the prospect is automatically declined. However, if the votes are in favour, that is, the prospective member gets 4 or 5 votes then he/she is given FREE membership to join the group, having the Beautiful Member Status. About RichOrBeautiful.. RichOrBeautiful.. is dating website that caters to the rich and/or the beautiful. Contact Details [email protected] 相关的主题文章: