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Foreign media: Samsung Note7 S8 to recall or "premature" technology – Sohu IT home news September 15th news, Samsung Note7 recall is still in progress, foreign media that Note7 the incident could force the Samsung S8 earlier pushed out to fill the Note7 sales. According to sammobile reports, subject to recall events, Samsung Note7 normal sales in the United States until October, which makes Note7 gold sales time shortened a lot, not only that, so many security risks Samsung Note7 Samsung mobile phone equipment for consumer confidence fell. In this case, Samsung is in urgent need of a new flagship consumer confidence, while making up the high-end machine sales. The Samsung S8 on the following message: foreign media exposure of the Samsung S8 Sammobile exclusive models, it is reported that the aircraft currently has two versions, respectively named Dream and Dream 2 models were SM-G950 and G955. Foreign media digitalmusicnews said they get news, Samsung also consider removing the 3.5mm headset jack in the lower flagship Galaxy S8, instead of their proprietary interface. In micro-blog, the famous Samsung I universe before the ice broke broke the Samsung’s next-generation flagship mobile phone Galaxy S8 Edge will have four cameras, including grayscale camera front camera and iris recognition, of course, the other two is the double camera. In addition to the double camera, the next generation of Samsung’s flagship mobile phone Galaxy S8 Edge has been basically determined by the resolution of the 4K screen, because Samsung’s new UX can adjust the screen resolution, which may Galaxy S8 Edge 4K resolution to pave the way, even if the Samsung S8 Edge is equipped with a 4K resolution screen. The actual output resolution you can also adjust the mobile phone according to their own needs.相关的主题文章: