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Foreign media: the United States will be in the Western Pacific military exercises with Russia military exercise time overlap – Sohu News Reference News Network September 10th foreign media reported that China and Russia in September 12 to 19 will be in China under the auspices, held a joint maritime -2016 large-scale military exercises in the South China sea. In Taiwan when the electronic newspaper reported in September 9th, military experts pointed out that the anti submarine reefs and the combat will be the focus of this exercise, that means strong. Coincidentally, the United States Navy will be held on the 8 day statement, called "the 2016 major naval exercise Valiant Shield" on September 12-23. The two sides overlap in the time of the exercise of the sea, the United States military exercises targeted self-evident. Reported that the U.S. Pacific Command will be scheduled in the Western Pacific waters near Guam and the Mariana Islands range held large-scale exercises, there will be more than 18 thousand U.S. troops, and about 180 military aircraft from the U.S. Navy, air force and Marine Corps participation. A commander of the U.S. Navy Marine aviation logistics squadron pointed out that the primary focus of this exercise is to cross military exercises, complement each other, improve the ability to develop new tactics, technology and process. Japan’s "foreign scholars" website quoted the U.S. Navy statement pointed out that participation in the exercise include the Nimitz class nuclear powered aircraft carrier in Japan at the Yokosuka naval base, Reagan "wasp class amphibious assault ship" good Richard ", and the other two amphibious ships, there are 9 warships. The deputy commander of the U.S. seventh fleet and "brave shield" exercise leader Alan pointed out that since the U.S. military stationed the Pacific, will have a reliable force. Reported that the U.S. Pacific command from 2006, held every two years in the waters of Guam, brave shield exercise, and this year is sixth degrees. The exercise will focus on amphibious assault, maritime security, anti submarine, air defense, and investigation, positioning, tracking, and the military ships and aircraft in the sea, land and air three dimensional comprehensive training, and combat elements integrated into the network. The U.S. Navy said in a statement, U.S. military exercises designed to assist the development of regional and global power, and to maintain the interests of the United States and its allies, to provide comprehensive options.相关的主题文章: