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Fruit powder most looking forward to these things   iPhone  7 will be achieved? — communication channel — original title: powder most expect these things will achieve 7 iPhone? IPhone iPhone 5S from 4S to a "qualitative leap", from iPhone 5S to iPhone 6 appearance changes from the spoiler to the industry the product leader, iterative iPhone once again laid the dominance of apple in the mobile phone industry, but from iPhone 6 to iPhone 6S and iPhone SE "performance, regression of feelings, apple became" low-key ", is not the bottleneck or innovation in ready… Most expect these things powder… IPhone 7 will be achieved? From the 2016 Apple’s autumn conference only a few days, information about the iPhone 7 already broke the news about, iPhone 7 3.5mm headset interface, using Lightn to cancel Ing headset, adjust the antenna leucorrhea, equipped with dual cameras configuration A10 processor and iPhone 7 Plus have become That’s final. thing, although iPhone 7 changes a lot, but did not seem to want fruit powder surprise; today we talk about what functions or change the powder urgent expectation, iPhone 7 does not have the. 1, dual sim card from all Apple products, Apple’s focus on minimalist design, the pursuit of product lightweight and simplified, iPad Air, iPad mini and MacBook minimalist design product is born; if the iPhone 7 dual card dual standby dual card slot, whether it is designed with Android mobile phone or a common card dual SIM card slot design, are inevitably a problem that will occupy more space of the body, see iPhone 6S’s body, which have the space to place a SIM card slot. It can help the iPhone achieve the dual sim card on the other hand, dual card dual standby means will consume more power, although there are news that iPhone 7 will enhance the capacity of the battery, but in the originally narrow internal space, how to improve battery capacity? Think about the iPhone 6S equipped with a battery, and Android mobile phone 3000mAh+ battery capacity can not match, so the power consumption is also a dual card dual standby iPhone 7 is not an important reason for the realization of the 1715mAh. 2, the screen size of Apple’s revolutionary 4 inch iPhone 5S upgrade to iPhone 66 Plus 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, brought the sales promotion, but also not only because of the larger screen, performance and appearance also bring promotion; then the 4.7 and 5.5 inch size has been in service for two years, Apple will upgrade iPhone screen size 7? IPhone 7 screen size is not large相关的主题文章: