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Fund Industry Association: urge the private equity fund managers seriously rectify the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Securities Times net (09) month 09 days Chinese Fund Industry Association announced 9, August 19, 2016, Chinese Commission informed the 2016 special inspection of law enforcement, half of the private equity fund, including 73 private equity fund managers due to the existence of violations by the Chinese commission to take administrative regulatory measures. In order to promote the development of the fund industry norms, strengthen self-discipline, the association has asked the private equity fund managers in accordance with the requirements of the Commission Chinese earnestly, and submitted in October 14, 2016 before the legal opinion. The Commission will submit the self association of private equity fund managers rectification reports and legal opinions for review to the public notice, the construction industry credit constraint mechanism, supervision of private equity fund managers standardized operation. Not for the timely completion of the rectification, private equity fund managers or fails to submit in accordance with the requirements of legal opinions, the association will be based on the "on further regulate the registration of private equity fund managers issues notice" requirements of relevant self-discipline rules, take disciplinary measures or cancellation of the registration of private equity fund managers in accordance with the law. Has been canceled or not registered through the 7 institutions, not registered private equity fund managers, before the completion of rectification, shall not be re registered. Association stressed that laws and regulations are higher than the self discipline is the practice of the bottom line, self regulatory rules and regulations in strict compliance with laws and regulations. Touch the bottom line is bound to violate norms. Private equity fund managers should strengthen self-discipline, to discipline quite in legal front, strictly abide by the self-discipline rules, firmly stick to the bottom line of the moat and breakwater. In the future, the association will continue to play the role of law firms and accounting firms and other professional intermediaries to promote the development of the private equity fund industry along the track of the rule of law and professional. (Securities Times Online News Center) [shares] into Sina Finance discussion相关的主题文章: