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Nerium Oleander Oleander Oleander""a name associated with warm, fragrant summer nights. The erect, bushy, evergreen shrub produces a gorgeous display of single or double flowers in pink, red, white, salmon pink, or yellow. Because oleander is sensitive to frost, it should be cultivated as a container plant in frost-prone regions. The best guarantee for a beautiful show of flowers is a site in full sun against a sheltered, south-facing wall with plenty of water and fertilizer. Overwinter indoors in a cool, bright, frost-free environment and water little. In frost-free areas, the oleander will enjoy being planted out in full sun in moist, fertile, well- drained soil. Remove some of the oldest branches in spring. Take care: all parts are toxic. Paeonia Delavayi Tree peony The special thing about the wild species Paeonia delavayi is its extraordinary flower color, ranging from orange red through brown red to a rich dark red, which gleams out, contrasting beautifully with the deeply-cut, dark green leaves, blue green beneath. The upright, sparsely-branched shrub likes deep, fertile, moist soil in sun or partial shade. This is one of the more easily cultivated varieties of peony. It should be protected against late frosts wherever possible. Olea Europaea Olive tree The olive tree is an important Mediterranean crop plant, which is of enormous economic value in its native regions of the Mediterranean, but at more northerly latitudes is popular mainly for its beautiful gray-green foliage, fragrant, creamy-white flowers, and symbolic significance. After all, the olive tree appeared in the Bible and in Greek mythology as an important symbol of peace and prosperity. The utterly robust evergreen is not deterred by meager soil, dryness, cold, or heat. Where olive trees are grown out of doors in frost-prone regions, they should be offered early protection with fleece and plastic sheeting; the crown is at particular risk. It is important to ensure when doing this that the tree can still respire. As a container plant, 0. europaea can simply be left to overwinter indoors in sandy soil in as cool and bright an environment as possible. The more frequently and harder the vigorous branches are cut back, the more .pact the crown be.es. Water regularly when grown in a container. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: