Gartner iPhone sales will continue to decline this year


Gartner: iPhone sales this year will continue to decline Sina Technology News Beijing time on October 7th morning news, market research firm Gartner predicts that iPhone sales fell trend in the remainder of 2016 will continue, but also predict the complex momentum growth in the next year. The latest report released by Gartner covers the relevant data of the overall mobile phone market forecast, this year’s global shipments will be reduced to 1 billion 887 million from 1 billion 917 million in 2015, then in early 2017 began to slow growth. At the same time, the report also highlighted the role of iPhone in this trend. The report said: "although the Apple Corp has launched a new smart mobile phone iPhone 7, but Gartner still expects the company’s 2016 iPhone sales will be down, because after a strong performance in 2015, its sales have stabilized. We expect that the high-end smart mobile phone market will return in 2017 3.5% shipments increased, the reason is that a stronger upgrade cycle will start, and is expected to launch next year, the new iPhone will provide a new design and new features, attractive enough to persuade the upgrade more buyers replacement." Gartner also predicted that the so-called "Ultramobiles" (ultra portable devices, including "basic type" and "practical" (Basic) (Utility) two sub categories, including iPad) overall shipments will decline, but it did not specifically on the prospect of iPad comment. Gartner said that this year the overall market shipments will decline from 196 million units last year to 177 million units in 2017 will be further reduced to 173 million units. But at the same time, Gartner is expected to achieve high growth in the computer sector of the high-end Ultramobiles market, the plate covers products including 12 inches MacBook and MacBook Air, etc.. The report said that the overall shipments of the sector is expected to grow from 44 million units in 2015 to this year’s 49 million units, to the next year will further increase to 75 million units. However, Gartner also did not specifically on Apple Corp’s products to make predictions. Kantar, another market research firm, said in a report released in August that iOS device sales have been growing in the US and five European markets, but have been offset by declines in sales in China and japan. The company also believes that users may have to upgrade the behavior of Apple Corp represents a great opportunity. Apple Corp this year did not announce the new iPhone listed on the first weekend of sales data, said the reason is affected by the supply side constraints. However, Apple Corp earnings conference call will be held on October 25th, when the data may be shared. (Tang Feng)相关的主题文章: