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Astrology Regardless of how you feel about his politics, George W. Bush is a symbol for America as a whole. He embodies much of what is both best and worst about us as a people. As Pagans and Wiccans, we know that as a symbol, the influences that affect him personally will tend to affect the Nation as well. ‘As is above, so is below’. So, with his 60th birthday just past, and his popularity at an all time low, I decided to see what his Numerology Reading showed for the .ing year. As a Numerologist, if I want to look at a person’s future there are (3) main values that I check: their Life Cycles, their Letters of Transit, and their Personal Year. These values give me a general idea of what might be looming in their future; albeit requiring some interpretation. ===> His Life Cycle George Bush entered his third and final Life Cycle to date in 2003, corresponding with his re-election campaign. The cycle holds opportunities to work with other people in teams or large groups (very fitting). He will be very sensitive to the opinions of other people in this cycle. His cycle challenge is a reluctance to enjoy life, or to do something just for fun. He will also have extra difficulties in expressing himself in this Life cycle. ===> His Transit Letters Transit letters are calculated from a person’s full birth name and are the most detailed predictor of events unique to an individual. George Bush’s current Transit Letters are ‘RKU’. They begin on his birthday in 2005 and will change on his birthday next year in 2007. The letter ‘K’ indicates times of spiritual inspiration and unusual events in the president’s life. It marks a time when his marriage will grow stronger. It can also mark a time of health troubles. ‘K’ as a Transit letter that will last for (2) years, so it’s effects should be felt in the next 12 months. If reflected on our nation, might this indicate spiritual inspiration and systemic health problems for our people as a whole? Will we see surprises and difficulties call us together to strengthen our relationships? The letter ‘R’ indicates a time of creative energy and frustrating delays in the President’s plans. It’s a time for ambition, powerful feelings and the inner turmoil, which goes with them. ‘R’ as a Transit letter that lasts for (9) years, the longest time possible. We’re only 3 years into this ‘R’ period, so it will last through his presidency. Again, on a national scale, could this indicator of ambition and frustrating delays reflect on us and our feelings about the war and other policies of our government? If so, I don’t see this ending during the Bush presidency. The Letter ‘U’ indicates a time of creativity, but also a time of poor financial success. The president will need his confidence bolstered during these years. ‘U’ as a Transit Letter that lasts for (3) years; it’s influence started in 2004 and will end next year. As a nation, this might be a foreteller of continued economic woes through the next 12 months. We too are experiencing doubts in our current direction. The best news I see here is that this will pass in July of next year. ===> His Personal Year 2006 is a Personal Year (3) for President Bush. In seeming contradiction, this indicates a time of happiness and joy. This is a year of optimism and perceived benefits for him. It’s also a year in which important decisions should be put off. Bush should wait until 2007 to make any major policy decisions. With the mid-term election .ing up in November, I expect that the president and the nation will hold off on any major changes in the status quo. Expect any changes in the troop levels in Iraq to wait until next year. I also believe that as a nation, we too will be filled with optimism for the rest of 2006. Whither this is a function of up.ing opportunity for change or a rally of the national spirit to our problems, the optimism is definitely there. Finally, although the relationship is imperfect, there appears to be a definite link between the aspects of Ge.e W. Bush’s Numerology and that of the nation as a whole. As a strong believer in the power of symbolic magic, I would be shocked if it were otherwise. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: