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Gif back to see the war between China and South Korea – the state of the Jedi counterattack Hao Junm-www.tubecao.com


GIF look back and fight the Orangemen Jedi Hao Junmin detonation wave of the world Hao Junmin scimitar Tencent September 1st News Sports World Cup Asian zone qualifying 12 match started, Chinese team away to South korea. Twentieth minutes, the South Korean team left Zhise, Wu Zaishuo sun Xingmin pass to kill the penalty area by Zhang Linpeng down, the referee booked to Zhang Linpeng. Zhang Linpeng foul booked sun Xingmin will kick into the box, Ji Dong won head gently a bit, the ball hit the net chaos in Zheng Zhi, South Korea’s lucky 1-0 get ahead. Zheng Zhi Oolong sixty-third minutes, Iketo Yuansachiko Lin Peng opened after, after the point Li Qinglong plug high Yueqi header Leipzig top ball to the near corner, although CengCheng subconsciously make saves, but failed to stop the ball into the net, the South Korean team will expand the score to 2-0. Li Qinglong scored sixty-sixth minutes, Sun Xingmin left Akira defense after the bottom near the cross, Ji Dong won before the point of gently rub, with Zizhe point after the shot, the ball hit play the net in the column, the South Korean team even 3 minutes into the 2 ball, the score was 3-0. Seventy-fourth minutes, China team will ball into the box, Wu Zaishuo heads out the ball to the foot of Yu Hai, Yu Hai will be a slight adjustment is a shot burst, Zheng Chenglong save less, China team pulled a ball, 1-3. Yu Hai pulled a ball for seventy-sixth minutes, Zhang Xianxiu edge of the area down break Wu Lei, referee Zhang Xianxiu to kick the yellow card also gave China team a great location, substitute Hao Junmin surgeon kick, the ball around the wall and went straight to the corner, China team pulling back the ball, 2-3. Hao Junmin free kick相关的主题文章: