GREE cars along the acquisition of Zhuhai long silver or endogenous variable


GREE cars along the acquisition of Zhuhai silver long or variable Xiong Xuehui GREE (000651.SZ) acquisition of Zhuhai silver long a turmoil. This should be completed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange "letters of concern" to return to work before November 7th, but in a limited period of time, GREE has not completed the verification issues and the application to continue the suspension. It is understood that GREE needs to reply matters mainly for Guangdong CITIC sun (Financial Leasing Co.) and intends to purchase the subject of Zhuhai silver long new energy Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Zhuhai silver long") signed 1000 orders for new energy bus incident, including CITIC Guangdong sunshine performance ability, the contract of Zhuhai long silver the performance of the effect. Tellingly, only a month time for the establishment of the Guangdong CITIC sun signed in October 18th, and as of Chinese "business daily" reporter, Guangzhou city commercial subject information publicity platform data show that 100 million yuan of registered capital of Guangdong CITIC sunshine for non subscribed registered capital, paid in capital, change in other words, the registered capital of 100 million yuan is not the actual capital in place. The order amount more than 1 billion 200 million yuan, investors have questioned whether Guangdong CITIC sun have the ability to pay, and may in Zhuhai long silver have a significant impact on the results. The reporter field survey found that Guangdong CITIC sun registered "there is no such company, its controlling shareholder is registered also disappeared. But behind the scenes, the actual control of Guangdong CITIC sun Xie Jingchi was even reported by several "shell company" to obtain state subsidies in the network. Xie Jingchi did not answer the phone at the time of the reporter said the signing of 1000 new energy bus purchase contract is intended to apply for subsidies, and then did not reply to the reporter’s text messages. Prior to this, thanks to the registration of the company because of false capital injection and forged the signature of shareholders by the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, business license has been revoked. Orders for 1000 new energy buses, a registered residence can not find traces of the "shell company", a network to report the actual control cash subsidies, because the project acquisition of 13 billion assets of GREE electric appliances are bundled together, the truth behind the intricate, to find out. This reporter sent an interview letter to GREE, the relevant responsible person responded that the notice shall prevail". According to the latest news on the evening of November 11th, Dong Mingzhu was late in October was removed from the post of chairman of GREE group, GREE chairman and CEO of the company and the company. CITIC office is sunshine registered residence registration information, the registration of Guangdong CITIC sunshine home of Nansha District Fengze road Guangzhou City No. 106 (self building No. 1 room X1301-C1445) ", the address of the Nansha city investment building, but reporters in the building did not find this room and the office of CITIC Guangdong sunshine. It is worth mentioning that Guangdong CITIC sun set up 10 days ago, half a year long suspension of the GREE electric in August 19th bursts 35 announcement refresh Shenzhen, breath released 13 billion yuan acquisition of additional 10 billion yuan, Zhuhai long silver, set by the staff.相关的主题文章: