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Green water for the ecological environment "live" — Environmental Protection — people.com.cn original title: green water for the ecological environment "live" Nanfang Daily News (reporter Luo Rui trainee reporter Lu Hui Liao Yuxian correspondent Liu Junhui ring vision) "! This is just built a "small garden" in the village, which makes the village pond water, sewage is gone." In Huizhou County, Boluo County town of orange Chau village, the villagers said happily. This small garden, in fact, the village built a miniature decentralized hybrid wetlands. Similar to the rural domestic sewage treatment facilities, Huizhou has built 515. Recently, the first meeting of cooperative group of water pollution prevention area of the province’s environmental protection work conference and the Pearl River Delta held in Huizhou for exchange at the meeting, the relevant experience of the flood control work especially well received. In recent years, the Huizhou flood control as an important part of ecological civilization construction, adhere to the law of governance, governance system, comprehensive management, source control, and achieved remarkable results. Huizhou municipal Party committee secretary Chen Yiwei said, "clean water", can lead to "fish" and "fish"; ecological good, can bring more innovative projects, good projects, ecological inexhaustiblepower provides protection for economic development. 3 of the 10 billion system governance so smelly ditch turned water ecological corridor river like a place of vascular artery, river governance is the key to activate a local ecological environment. Huizhou invested 3 yuan, 10 billion "system to promote River remediation work, put a river into integration of the characteristics of culture of landscape water ecological corridor. Huizhou invested 1 billion yuan, which lasted 10 months, completed jinshanhe remediation 10 kilometers, the original "gutter" into a river smooth, clear water, shore green, roads, pleasant, scenic ecological corridor, directly benefit residents on both sides of the about 100000. The project was also awarded the Ministry of housing, China Habitat environment award". Huizhou jinshanhe is the implementation of the comprehensive improvement of the urban river water environment planning, the first to start remediation of the creek. In recent years, Huizhou city invested 10 billion renovation, 14 rivers, water conservancy, except water, making water, highlight the comprehensive measures and the source of pollution, and strive to 2017 basically completed the rectification task. At present, the mountains and the young river remediation tasks have been completed, Wangjiang Lek, Luo Tang canal, and many rivers Xinkaihe remediation work to advance in wildly beating gongs and drums…… Taiwan invested 10 billion yuan to promote the fresh water river, Tonghu basin "rivers" pollution remediation, continue to increase for the construction and operation of sewage treatment facilities along the "two rivers" efforts, water quality improved significantly, the benefit of the people…… Taiwan invested 10 billion yuan renovation of county, town and Village Creek pollution, to control pollutant sources, dredging, ecological restoration and other measures to promote the 79 part of Town Creek remediation, river black odor phenomenon basically eliminated; the comprehensive improvement of rural water environment and pay close attention to rural sewage treatment facilities built in 515, and strive to 2017 a village facilities "". A new building work system, a new laying sewage pipe network, a reproduction of river water flowing…… After the river regulation, the two sides more beautiful." In the county area)相关的主题文章: