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Guangxi Yuchai marine engine market share jumped first — industry Guangxi channel — Nanning 14 October,   reporters today from Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Company was informed that from January 2016 to September, the market demand of ship machine in China fell about 15%, the cargo vessel, auxiliary equipment, engineering ships drop compared to larger, flat boat fishing boat, ship, machine exports increased slightly. In such a severe market environment, Guangxi Yuchai ship machine sales contrarian growth of 10%, the market share jumped to the top of the industry, including fishing market share increased by 12 percentage points, inland cargo market share increased by 8 percentage points. This is mainly due to the integration of Yuchai sales channels, to strengthen the market terminal and the ability to control, focus on the development of OEM customers, and vigorously expand the market, while increasing investment in product development, launch a new generation of high power and high speed ship electric power." The general manager of Guangxi Yuchai marine electric power department Tang Zuoxing said. In recent years, Yuchai ship electric R & D adhering to the "production generation, development of generation, reserve generation" concept, research and development efforts to continually adapt to the market demand of the electric ship. The new generation of ship electric power YC12VC, with advanced technology, sophisticated manufacturing, excellent quality and super power advantage, demand, has become a new growth point of yuchai. At the same time, Yuchai ship electric power to change the marketing model, the region became a diplomatic agent, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the marketing personnel, strengthen the marketing network control; strengthen the overseas market development, according to the market models, apply for an export permit, put on the YC6T, YC6TD and other large horsepower products; perfect service network layout, strengthen service technical training, improve service station service ability, the timely processing of user feedback, improve service satisfaction. Guangxi Marine Equipment Co. Ltd is the Yuchai ship machine started this year, but the distribution of Yuchai Machinery Sales in Beihai doubled, the annual task completed 84%. The company’s deputy general manager, said: "at present, our sales exceeded 50 million yuan, sales of more than and 400 units. Beihai is recognized for the owner of Yuchai Machinery, mainly Yuchai small oil consumption, powerful, fast and thoughtful service company." Starting from the 2005 Lianyungang Yuchai products agent Jerry, mainly responsible for the Jiangsu Lianyungang area, including the Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale Jiangsu Huaian to Shandong Weishan Lake, and Lianyungang, Yancheng, Nantong coastal area. According to the company chairman Hao Lubin introduction, Yuchai ship electricity in the area of market occupy a great advantage, because the fuel consumption than the Yuchai machine brands to save 15%~20%, has brought huge benefits to the user. The sand pumping market performance is particularly prominent, the market share of over 80%. In addition, Yuchai Machinery in North Jiangsu fishing market share of over 70%. The ship is the second car plate Yuchai electric machine plate, was included in the agricultural sector after promote the healthy development of the important sector of the ranks of yuchai. Previously, the entire ship electricity market demand has been a continuous decline in 6 years, but this 6 years, Yuchai is contrarian growth, market share increased from 5% to 30% now. ")相关的主题文章: