Guys can not distinguish WeChat girlfriend Avatar transfer 5000 yuan to the tragedy of female friend


Guys can not distinguish WeChat girlfriend Avatar: transfer 5000 yuan to the tragedy of the female friends of WeChat has a function called notes! According to the Hangzhou Daily reported, in Hangzhou a university sophomore Xiao Ke because of "face blindness", confused girlfriend and female netizen WeChat head, turned to his girlfriend was supposed to transfer money to the female friends, the other was black. This is not just the beginning of the school, the girlfriend said she had a bad old computer, want to buy a new one, I will use WeChat to turn her 5000 dollars in the past, the results did not see the head, hand shaking turned wrong." Xiao Ke and his girlfriend is a distant love, usually by WeChat contact. He said his own WeChat chat records deleted more frequently, the girlfriend’s head and often in the change, this is not the first time a mistake. The WeChat picture and the girlfriend of Xiao Ke head like, the hair is long, oval face, big eyes of the self. After the money turned over, she did not say a word, silently accepted, and then pull the black Xiao Ke. Xiao Ke turned a circle of friends to react, look carefully, the money is just a girl talk to strangers, have never seen each other’s name and phone he don’t know. User comments: This IQ is also a farewell girlfriend. Will not make a note of it, it can turn a bit wrong, do not look at the recording or deliberately. A lot of problems: first, girlfriend name notes, two, seems to have many friends, chat to delete three, diligent, four, excuse reason, or just a capital, five, really wrong, that is! It is about X, partial to find excuses. Lawyers said: this kind of thing is not a criminal case, it does not belong to the jurisdiction of public security, but not without relief. For the payee, the 5000 yuan is unjust enrichment. Legal unjust enrichment refers to the obligation to return if it is not recognized as a legal basis, or has been legally recognized as a loss due to the loss of others. So, the victim to unjust enrichment dispute prosecution to the defendant’s domicile court. However, the prosecution also need to pay attention to a few questions: 1 need to clear the defendant’s name and identity information, that is, need to find ways to understand the identity of the payee. This is the premise of prosecution, but it is also more difficult place, because WeChat does not necessarily need to verify the use of real name registration. If the phone number is registered, you can try to find my identity through the phone number, you can also try to communicate with WeChat background, seeking help from the staff. 2 under the jurisdiction of the court of unjust enrichment dispute is the domicile of the defendant, so need to the domicile or habitual residence of the court, the local court has no jurisdiction. 3 proposed to save WeChat transfer records and bank card details, if the prosecution can be submitted as evidence.相关的主题文章: