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Health Sport enthusiasts know the difficulties of partaking in their sport if they suffer from any kind of impaired vision that requires glasses or contact lenses in order for them to take part which is a great burden. Laser eye surgery has stepped in to revolutionize the sports industry’s contenders. People whom before found it daunting to practice certain sports can now be rest assured that after having laser eye surgery done, they can do what they love best without the worry and dis.fort they had before. All of both near and far sighted eye problems are possible to treat today with refractive laser eye surgery. There have been over 2 million people on the entire planet that have gone through this new method of laser eye corrective surgery and all with a very high success rate, never needing to reach for spectacles or contacts again. New advancements in laser eye surgery allow for the entire procedure to be preformed without a human hand involved as .puters determine the exact laser incision calculations the entire time, known today as ‘No Touch’ laser eye surgery. Other types of laser eye surgery involve scraping away at the cornea and cutting the cornea as with lasik which involves instrumentation being used. Like other refractive procedure, ‘No Touch’ changes the curvature of the cornea and allows light rays to focus properly on to the retina. No touch was developed be one of the leading refractive laser eye surgeons today, Dr Don Johnson. The fact that the cornea is never touched by any surgical instrument is why the term was coined. The top layer of skin called the epithelium is removed by laser light. Once that if .plete, the vision correction is done by additional pulses of laser light are directed onto the cornea thus changes its shape along with the patients vision. The attractive thing about the new ‘No Touch’ laser eye surgery procedure is in its simplicity for the patient. A few numbing eye drops and a device to hold open the eyelids are all that is needed as the patient lays down under a machine that pulses a gentle ray of light into their eye. Generally patients report improvements in their vision straight away after the procedure which can take only a matter of minutes for each eye requiring no glasses or contact lenses immediately afterwards. Other great benefits introduced because of this new procedure include a smoother healing surface and a faster healing time due to to the specialized .puter aided laser paths created which contribute to the more accurate visual results produced and minimizes .plications and above all creating the safest refractive laser eye surgery treatment available today. As with any surgical procedure there is a small list of risks involved when having this procedure preformed which are as follows: Under/over correction, haze formation and infections but the incidents of these problems occurring is very low and these can generally be resolved by a second treatment if necessary. Copyright (c) 2010 Jonah Myers About the Author: 相关的主题文章: