Hangzhou introduction of the network about car rules a residence permit can also be a driver pigeon blood


Hangzhou introduced the network about the car details: hold a residence permit can also when the driver of Xinhua news agency in Hangzhou on October 9th news (reporter Shang meaning surplus) following the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen City announced local network booking taxi business service management of the "ground rules" after the draft, Hangzhou in October 9th issued a network management approach to solicit opinions about cars draft. In the network about the car driver, license, vehicle grade and other aspects made clear, which requires the driver for the city residence or in the city to obtain the Zhejiang residence permit for more than 6 months. The "rules for the implementation of the Interim Measures of Hangzhou city network booking taxi business service management (Draft)" provisions, net about car driver should meet to obtain the corresponding quasi driving type motor vehicle driving license and has more than 3 years of driving experience, no traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no drug use, no drink driving record recently, 3 consecutive scoring cycle no record of 12 points in the record etc.. Hangzhou network about car management rules also made detailed provisions on vehicle license and grade. Is registered in the city of the vehicle, and the fuel vehicle wheelbase 2700 mm or more than the vehicle purchase tax price in 120 thousand yuan, the new energy vehicle wheelbase 2600 mm or more comprehensive status mileage of 250 kilometers above. In addition, Hangzhou also stipulates that the network about vehicle life is not more than 5 years, mileage of not more than 600 thousand km. The detailed rules shall be put into effect on November 1, 2016, and the probation period shall be one year. Deputy director of the Hangzhou Municipal Transportation Management Bureau Zhang Xiaodong said, Hangzhou about car market is stable overall, according to incomplete statistics, there are about the operation experience net car number about 300 thousand vehicles, but there are also problems of low grade vehicles etc.. Rules after the trial, the market will play a regulatory role.相关的主题文章: