Hangzhou subway, a man grabbed the phone while the girl fled before closing the car mp7a1


Hangzhou subway, a man grabbed the phone while the girl fled before closing the car – the suspect. Surveillance screenshot by the police to take the subway to play mobile phone is the favorite of the metro, some bad guys specifically eyeing the subway mobile phone family". They took advantage of a moment of subway train open or close, leaving a mobile phone from passenger, passengers face Meng ring. In fact, such a thing has been reported in the city subway, but Hangzhou has not appeared. Until the day before yesterday, the Hangzhou subway two consecutive cases occurred in the case of mobile phone mobile phone, the technique is exactly the same as mentioned above. But before long, the suspect was arrested, was arrested when he has a face of calm, with a few villagers eat, laughing. One day two alarm is near to the subway door of the passengers were robbed the day before 2 pm, Xu girl jichong rushed to the subway station zhalongkou police alarm, "my mobile phone was robbed, on the subway." Xu said the girl, with her friends after lunch back from Xiasha West Lake cultural square subway. When the subway went to the gate, the accident happened. "I was standing just in front of the train station, after the door open for a while, on the train door close, a man suddenly from behind me and took my mobile phone, rushed out of the door, I was ignorant, react when the train doors shut, to chase catch up." After the train to the next station, Xu girl rushed back to the police station to get off the door alarm. Police transferred the site monitoring, grab the phone man was photographed very clearly. While Metro police launched monitoring and tracking, the day before 4 pm, Lung Bridge station also received the alarm together as like as two peas. A young girl was robbed, the station is in the subway train car door is playing mobile phone. Suspects took advantage of a few seconds before the train door closed, took the phone off. But the young girl responded quickly, immediately chased out, but he escaped. The police watched the platform monitoring Lung Bridge Station: Hey, is the same person. Second police were robbed is a iPhone6 mobile phone, mobile phone is robbed in the boot state. Police combined with mobile phone to find the iPhone function, not long after the suspect finally found in the vicinity of Metro stopped. "On the point of the meal, estimate the suspects mostly stopped eating, we went to a nearby search, Zhang Moumou was pulling out." Police said. The subway door side most easily robbed the suspect Zhang, he is the Hangzhou subway opened, the first committed robbery suspects in the subway. When being arrested, Zhang is near a small restaurant in the vicinity of metro with the villagers to eat meat. When the police caught him, he seemed to react: "what to do! You come for the phone?" Zhang Moumou, born in 1982, Shandong people, currently working in a small workshop in the five fort. Zhang Moumou confessed to the robbery. According to his own account, his motive is to grab a iPhone phone. At noon that day, he and a few friends to eat, drink some wine. When he happened to take the subway, see a lot of young girls are in good use.相关的主题文章: