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Movies-TV Bollywood movies are generally based on the audience response and inclination towards a genre of movie. Like in 1980s, it was a period of romantic lyrics and action packed plots, the 1990s saw the few of finest Bollywood action movies. In the beginning of 2000, it was a mixed bag of thrillers, horrors, love stories and .edies. By the end of the decade, the trend started to shift towards .edy and presently the Bollywood seems to be full of Remakes and Sequels. Most of the Bollywood movies are doing decent business and some are record breakers in terms of business. This movie is neither a sequel nor a remake, but is a tribute to the .ic icon Charlie Chaplin, at least as the filmmaker is stating this movie to be. Bhawna Talwar is the director of this .edy flick and Sheetal Talwar is the producer. The movie is being made under the banner of Vistaar Religare Film Funds and WSG Pictures. This movie has a moderate budget of three crores and has been shot exclusively in India. The prominent star cast of this movie is Pankaj Kapoor, Supriya Pathak, Hrishita Bhatt and Nakul Vaidya with other supporting actors. The movie is in its post-production phase and the expected date of its release is 15 May. The movie is also expected to be screened at Venice film festival to provide a boost to its popularity. This movie has a bit of artistic touch in the narration, lights and colours but makers expect positive Happi movie review from the critics and audience. Happi movie has Pankaj Kapoor in the lead role and he portrays Charlie Chaplin like character. He plays the role of a simple hearted person whose needs are very less and always remains Happi. He earns his livelihood by singing and making people laugh at Caf Bombay till the building is transformed to Club Mumbai. He is so light hearted by nature that even in such turmoil; he keeps smiling and wins everyones heart. He finds his inspiration in a small puppy that follows him everywhere and enters his life. The content tries to enlighten what prevails in our society and preaches us how to remain content in all situations. Pankaj Kapoor is working with the producers for second time, the first one being Dharma. Dharma was a tale about achieving religious harmony; this is a satire about social panorama. The filmmakers are in high spirits and expect positive Happi movie review from the viewers. Based on the critical acclaim during preview of Happi movie promo at the Venice film festival, the film is supposed to touch the hearts of audience. Just wait for the release of this movie in India and watch Pankaj Kapoor, the national award-winning actor, with another overwhelming performance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: