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Harvard schoolmates Sun Yuhong book signings to tell you the secret of English speech – Sohu in reading in August 27th, the twenty-third Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), asked the founder and CEO of Harvard alumni meeting, sister Sun Yuhong "Book articles for entrepreneurs 10 hall English lectures" and readers, and the field to share the Secrets of English speech success.     required course many big coffee executives for the book point of praise in the international exchanges become more frequent today, proficient in English speech has become a corporate image overseas, establish investor confidence, strive for overseas employees support method. Ma Yun and Wang Shi have benefited greatly from their voice to China transfer business oral English fluently and standard English thinking, the concept of corporate culture and personal charm to win international recognition, while Liu Qiangdong and Lei Jun are also moving in this direction. It can be said that the English speech has become an international Chinese entrepreneurs to hide the challenges of the past, or must be a good weapon. But for the vast majority of Chinese local entrepreneurs, they are not learning English origin, usually busy work can not afford the time to learn English, there is no way to improve the level of English speaking in the short term? Sun Yuhong gives the answer in this book, in fact, English speech did not imagine so difficult, as long as you can find tips and methods with practice, can be on the podium with English style show. The new book published by CITIC publishing house to the entrepreneur of the 10 English speaking class, divided into Chinese and Western cultural analysis of the speech, speech and skills, as well as the classic speech appreciation of the three chapters. The core of the lecture will be in the form of 10 English speaking class, summed up Sun Yuhong’s study in the Harvard School of Kennedy, as well as the training of government spokesman for the actual combat experience. Different from other books, analysis this book no complicated grammar, no esoteric sentence, there is no strict requirements in the vocabulary, but speech skill pours out, to help readers improve the ability of English speech in a short period of time.     as a face Chinese entrepreneurs speech books, this book has been a lot of executives of domestic famous enterprises from New Oriental chairman Yu Minhong, Lenovo chairman Yang Yuanqing, the famous investor He Boquan, Mao Daqing has recommended review. Yu Minhong said: "based on the author’s own experience, very professional in 10 class, she found the lecture will emerge in its totality English success to you. I recommend entrepreneurs and students studying abroad to read this book, it will be helpful." Lenovo President Yang Yuanqing said, I am very pleased to see this new book for entrepreneurs in English speech published, the English speech to enhance the height of leadership is a compulsory course for every executive. From the English speech to ask Harvard alumnus app masters of the globalization of Sun Yuhong in the history of the book is described as in the chat and a best friend, his speech about all these years experience and suggestions emerge in its totality, T相关的主题文章: