He spent one hundred thousand yuan to buy a luxury suit angered the old father wrote a


He spent one hundred thousand yuan to buy luxury suits angered the old party father wrote a paper in 1982 Zhao Zhao, Zhao Zhao was born in Xinjiang Shihezi, his father Zhao Fei, 1954, was born in Shihezi City, a grandfather called "Xinyuan" nickname for him, a metaphor of Xinjiang. Because of the "five origin, young Zhao Fei to participate in the collective life is quite positive, in time to join the Communist Youth League, he moved to the night, to become an honest and kind-hearted man. After that, Zhao Fei joined the Communist Party of China, worked as a teacher for many years, get a lot of honor, 2013 glorious retirement. Should have graduated from college in 2003 Zhao Zhao, not like his father in the system so lucky". He was doing naked, was under surveillance, delayed graduation year. Since then, the fate of father and son is very different. 2004, Zhao Zhao went to Beijing, Ai Weiwei worked for many years. Zhao Zhao and his father did not communicate, but also very little contact. Zhao Zhao – "suit" during the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, his father came to Beijing to visit Zhao Zhao, quite satisfied, Zhao Fei wrote later in the article: "my wife and I together to Beijing, stay a few days son. Have their own accommodation, not let us live in the hotel, we feel relieved." Zhao Zhao – pebbles, behavior photography (digital output), 2007100× 150× 2mm; but Zhao Fei did not know, that year, Zhao Zhao couple with semen package krystic rags, online waiting a nude chat invitation, pretending to be blind one day tour in Shanghai, posing as police guard in Tiananmen two hours. July 6, 1995 Christopher couple wrapped Reichstag building makeup at the end of 2014, Zhao Zhao go to New York for the exhibition "the sky", and during Miles’s father had a call. Zhao Zhao and the United States on the superiority, father of the United States is a fly, cursed fart, communication part. That year the Spring Festival, more than three years apart from a family reunion in Beijing, settled. A few months later, Zhao Zhao invited his parents to New York and Losangeles to attend the opening of his solo exhibition. At first, the father was proud of it, the closed Corps life experience, especially for the country to go abroad. Zhao Zhao – Star second years in January, Zhao Zhao and his parents go to Beijing for the opening of the clothes to pick Crawford, three at a Dolce & at the same time; Gabbana suit, in the parents, this suit like Zhao Zhao Liangshen made. Zhao Zhao let parents guess its price. The father looked at the leader with a metal spike, a well tailored suit, and said it might be expensive, or at least a few thousand? Zhao Zhao mouth, ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine. This answer, for Zhao Fei is like Arabian Nights, in its experience in the unthinkable. Still did not return to God’s father, was a series of Zhao Zhao asked, what do you think? OK? Would you buy it? The father replied, "this dress is really good, but I don’t buy it.". This is too much, I live so much, never heard of! chart相关的主题文章: