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Health Cardiovascular workouts offer unparalleled health benefits. Aside from aiding in weight loss (when combined with strength training exercises), cardio exercises strengthens the heart and lung muscles, improves circulation by maximizing the amount of oxygen your body takes in and increases endurance and stamina. Because of these, cardio workouts lower blood pressure and thereby reduce one’s risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke and type II diabetes. What’s more, taking 10,000 steps a day has been proven to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. Still the benefits keep on coming. Cardio exercises activate the body’s immune system to protect the body from the onslaught of various diseases. It increases bone density, preventing osteoporosis especially in women, improves flexibility and increases one’s energy level. Cardio workouts release endorphins, makes the body feel good, reduces stress and relieves tension. It also increases confidence, promotes self-image and enhances self-esteem. It also enables one to sleep more soundly at night. Cardio workouts that you can do at home may be done for 30-40 minutes each day, three to five times a week. There are always three parts to any cardio workout session: the warm up (which approximately lasts 10 minutes), workout proper (30-40 minutes) and cool down (10 minutes). You must never neglect the first and last parts inasmuch as these are important in preparing the body for the exercise and facilitating the body towards normalcy after an intense workout. One of the best cardio workouts that can be done at home is dancing. Whether you choose ballroom dancing, hip hop, aerobic dance or jazzercise or belly dancing, this cardio exercise is sure to give you the workout you need without being boring. The beat of the music keeps you moving. Jumping rope exercises is another good option too. Make sure you increase intensity as your body gets more accustomed to the exercise. If you want a more laid back workout that you can do in the living room, you can always check out a home video on Pilates cardio. That is highly recommended too. But perhaps one of the most effective cardio exercises is one that need not necessarily be done at home but is based from home. Walking is one of the easiest workouts that almost anyone can do. It’s a natural thing to do and does not require any other equipment other than your own two feet. Besides walking, other cardio exercises that begin and end at home include jogging, rollerblading and bicycling. If you want to push your cardio workout to the next level, you can do sprints right in your own backyard. Measure a comfortable distance for you to sprint back and forth in. Increase the distance when your body gets used to it. If you have a pool, swimming is a no-impact cardio workout to try as well. Cardio exercises are great workouts that give your body various advantages. Not only does it make your body more physically fit, it improves your psychological wellbeing as well. Cardio workouts that can be done at home such as those mentioned above give you the flexibility to schedule the workout at your most convenient time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: