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Set Up Your Home Party Plan Business Office Running a home business can be daunting, but with a little organization, success can be found. Organizing a home office for home party planning is a little different than for other home businesses. The following party plan tips are meant to help you keep all the information manageable and make sure your party plan motivation is never lacking. Workspace for a Party Plan Business In addition to a desk and filing space, the home office for the party plan business will need storage for samples, inventory and orders to be delivered. For example, if selling cosmetics, you may have regular customers that you try to keep inventory on hand for. There should be space for this type of product to be stored. Products should be away from extreme heat or cold, such as vents, water heaters, washers, dryers, etc. This will help keep the product in tip top condition. The same is true for product samples and orders waiting for delivery. Cosmetics, candles, food items, and others could be subject to heat or water damage if improperly stored. Desk Organization for the Home Party Plan Business The desk should be kept as clutter free as possible, with the bare necessities on the surface, and other needed items stored in drawers or nearby. Surface items should be limited to: " In/Out baskets for orders needing to be processed, and orders already processed and waiting to be filed. Try to empty these at least weekly if not daily. " A pen, pencil, eraser, whiteout, tape, and stapler. Extras can be stored off the surface of the desk. " Telephone, printer, and .puter .puter Tips for Home Party Bookings If your .puter is not exclusively for the party plan business, create a separate folder for all home party plan info. Some things that should be included in this folder are: " A spreadsheet for each party and the sales made there. This can be as detailed as you like, and may include calculations for hostess incentives, phone numbers for each person who ordered, etc. " A calendar with home party bookings listed, as well as any home party training to be conducted or attended. " A call list with information on anyone who may have expressed interest in a party. Filing System for Home Party Success There are numerous ways to organize a filing system for party plan success. One suggestion is to have a folder for each party, with individual order forms alphabetized within each folder. Then, clean out the .pleted and delivered orders each quarter. Another idea is to scan order forms and have a paperless filing system, again, by party. This could eliminate the need for a file cabi. altogether. It might also be helpful to have a "miscellaneous" file for notes from a party plan seminar or party plan training, as well as home party plan tips gathered from various resources. Running a sales consultant/ party business is fun and rewarding, but it requires .anization to be successful. Setting up a home office in a way that is most efficient for this type of business is a great place to start. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: