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Hong Kong media: Trump Asia support force survey in South Korea China highest minimum Sohu news according to the survey, the Asian countries to the United States presidential election the Republican presidential candidate Donald? Trump’s support rate in South Korea, the lowest, only 7%; and in 39% occupy the top China. Korea Central Daily News reported on November 7th citing Hongkong "South China Morning Post (SCMP)" in November 6th reported that the survey last month on 12-23 from South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Chinese, Singapore and Indonesia, 6 Asian countries of 3614 people showed that 76% of the respondents hope that Hilary Clinton could be elected president of the United States?. South Korea’s support for Hilary as high as 95%, occupy the top spot, followed by Indonesia (90%) and Japan (88%); China is the lowest, only 61%. In South Korea, 63% of respondents believe that Trump is "very unfriendly", while only about 2% of the respondents said that "very unfriendly" to Mr. Hilary". South Korean opposition to Trump’s reason is morally unfit to become president, unpredictable and lead to split, etc.. For those who are more suitable to solve the problem of the Korean Peninsula candidates, the majority of the Korean people choose Hilary, the Chinese people are more than the choice of Trump. In South Korea the respondents, 36% of people choose Hilary as a candidate, compared to that of the current Obama government she can better solve the problem of North Korea; 69% of the people think that if Trump is elected, will lead to the deterioration of relations between North and South korea. In contrast, 52% of respondents said Chinese trump could better solve the problem of North and South Korea, 48% higher than the optimistic about Hilary. Of all respondents in Asia, 42% of people think that Hilary is more suitable to solve the problem of the Korean Peninsula, higher than the 30% of Trump. Chinese people in a number of hot issues on Trump made a friendly evaluation: the South China Sea issue of 54%, network security cooperation of 59%, trade issues of 57%, higher than the rate of support of the Hilary. Only 38% of Chinese respondents said: "Hilary is a better choice for Asia", well below the Asian average of 54%. U.S. Brookings Institution director of the center for East Asian Policy Research Bu Ruizhe said, "if Trump’s policies can weaken the Korea US alliance and then there is no reason to oppose China". George Washington University professor Robert Sutter? "Hilary said the evaluation, in terms of trade, hacking and North Korea, the use of the expression of China is rough, and the Chinese know she knows", "on the contrary, Trump is optimistic that can successfully maintain the relationship".相关的主题文章: