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Hong Kong stocks fell more than 300 points at 22000 points mark – global market Beijing News Agency in Hongkong in November 14, eyeing the various policies after Trump came to power, the Shenzhen through the opening date has not yet officially announced, the Hongkong stock market continued to decline. Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index 14, opened about 187 points to 22344 points, then most of the time between 22300 points to 22200 points concussion, closed at 22222 points, down about 309 points, or 1.37%, turnover of 80 billion 724 million Hong Kong dollar motherboard. On the same day, blue chip stocks fell almost completely. Tencent holdings fell 3.7%, the largest decline. Huarun land, real estate, Long Wharf Group, Sun Hung Kai real estate real estate stocks followed by a decrease of more than 2%. Chinese bank stocks lower across the board, the industrial and Commercial Bank of China fell 1.95%, traffic bank fell 1.18%, down 1.17% Chinese bank, Construction Bank fell 1.08%, BOC Hongkong fell 0.7%. Three barrels of oil, Sinopec fell by 1.66%, PetroChina fell by 1.15%, CNOOC fell by 1.04%. China life and Hang Seng Bank bucked the market, up 0.93% and 0.49% respectively. State-owned enterprises index fell 0.96%. Red chip index fell 1.09%. Yi Chi Orient Securities Co. Ltd. CEO Lin Changnian said, Trump was elected to produce new investment environment, the loss of funds from Asia, Asian stocks face selling pressure. But through the upcoming opening of Shenzhen, Hong Kong stocks valuation is low, and the Hong Kong dollar and the U.S. dollar linked to Hong Kong stocks as a hedge against the devaluation of the RMB to attract mainland investors. Hang Seng Index fell to 22000 points to support. Luk Fook financial said, after Trump was elected president of the United States, the market quickly recovered from the previous panic. But it can not be denied, investors still have differences in the views of the event. Nearly two days of market volatility is great, the direction is unknown, the operation difficulty is greatly increased, but investors do not panic too much, because short-term major uncertainties eliminated, no new short message, not easy to cause the market to a new low. (end)相关的主题文章: