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How can such a player not love Don’t forget training on Li Xiaoxu’s bed (video)-www.51zxw.net


How can such a player not love? Li Xiaoxu Li Xiaoxu did not forget the bed training on the bed does not forget sports training Tencent September 17th news (reporter Chen Yueze) a few days ago, the Liaoning men’s basketball team striker Li Xiaoxu has just received the Achilles tendon surgery is now in rehabilitation and training. But in the recovery period, Li Xiaoxu also did not forget to train, he even lying on the bed, both hands dumbbell training. In this month at the beginning of the new season CBA ten North team test, Li Xiaoxu in the running when the accident suffered Achilles tendon rupture, then underwent Achilles tendon surgery. The operation has had an important impact on his new season, and he needs a long recovery to recover. After a period of surgery, Li Xiaoxu more time to stay in bed, but this did not let him forget the training. From a photo of Li Xiaoxu’s girlfriend yesterday drying out you can see Li Xiaoxu lying in bed, the leg surgery take on a pile of quilt. His hands are holding two dumbbells, it is not difficult to see that the strength training. The new season of the Liaoning was hoping to championship strong soldiers and sturdy horses, make up for the season, crashed out of the finals. But Li Xiaoxu in the test when suddenly injured, let Liaoning team new season outlook cast a shadow. Li Xiaoxu naturally also very much hope to return to health as soon as possible, back to the stadium and teammates fight side by side. CBA test again at the scene! Li Xiaoxu back injury sad accident相关的主题文章: