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In the present world, where series of applicants are available with host of different capabilities it is be.ing difficult for recruiters to find top talent. Basically the whole talent acquisition process is getting a mere challenge now! Gone are those days when we meet people at parties, .munity events or say business trips and people do the usual ritual sounding as in what each of us does for a living. Eventually a platform to get in connected for the right job vise-verse the right person. Nowadays, the selection process has changed a lot with the .ing in of recruitment agencies , search consultants, etc. At the present time, recruitment processes are expensive and unproductive. If we research deep in this matter, human resource managers of every .pany extirpate such unqualified applicants which .e in excess and of no use at all. In a recent survey by Bradford Smart, president of the recruiting firm Smart & Associates, shows that only a few percentage of hires are considered as capable or top performers. As a matter of fact, .panies around the world spend an estimate of $120 billion per year on, recruiting and hiring process . A survey by Novo Group’s 2012 HR and Recruiting Trends, shows around 78% of HR leaders reported searching for top talent is their biggest challenge at the moment. Now the question arises, even after spending such a huge amount of money as well as effort if the end result is null and void there has to be another way out! The best possible way to fix this crisis is Social recruiting. Social networking has be.e a natural progression for the recruitment industries to hire the right as well as productive resources. Social recruiting could be the answer to best solve the issue as per money and effort. At present Social recruiting has be.e a talent sourcing platform which can be used by recruiters to hire managers, find the best candidate with transparent evaluation, etc. Now recruiters can reach out to the exact platform on industry sites where people are already active. In a nutshell, we can say as per the infographics for 2012, people all over the world using social networking as the best mode for business, and in job search. The graph is presumed to be on increasing approach in 2013 as well. Do write to us or you can also .ment below if you have similar feeling as per the rise of "Social recruiting" . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: