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How to let the baby have a good sleep? Let the children away from sleep disorders – Sohu maternal and child how to let the baby sleep at ease is a lot of parents are very heart problem, here are some simple and effective ways for the baby to sleep. It is important to give your child a full meal; a hot bath before bedtime can help you fall asleep. You can create an environment that is different from that of the day but more conducive to sleep. For example, turn off the TV, radio, reduce indoor light, reduce visual noise; in addition, the indoor temperature should be maintained at 19-21 degrees Celsius, etc.. The baby’s sleeping position should be taken supine. In order to allow the child to sleep safely, before the age of 2, do not give the child to sleep pillow, because sometimes the pillow will let the child suffocation. In addition, do not give children with plastic sheets, do not give children too thick cover. Too hot environment will bring danger to children. Newborn babies need to sleep about 18-20 hours, the time of day and night sleep is almost the same. With the passage of time, the baby sleep time gradually reduced, 3-6 months for about 14 hours, 6-12 months for 12-14 hours, this time the child’s sleep at night will become longer. Parents should be reasonable arrangements for the child’s sleep, during the day as far as possible with the child more exercise, consume their energy, help children sleep soundly at night. Pay attention to children’s sleep disorders 1, sleep difficulties or sleep disorders. Difficulty falling asleep refers to the baby can not sleep, sleep disturbed children in the process of sleep is easy to wake up. As children grow older, they also have sleep disorders. Therefore, do not make fun of children before going to bed or threatening children. Let your baby develop regular habits. 2, nightmare. If a child during the day of intimidation or too excited, or sleep breath, will let the baby have a nightmare, the most common manifestation is the baby woke up from a nightmare, wake up after the emotional tension, but also with a cold sweat, pale phenomenon. 3, night terrors. The baby may have roused from sleep situation, usually face will be more intense, sometimes will crow. But after 15 minutes to fall asleep. The above is about the baby sleep related presentations, in order to improve the children’s sleep at night, parents must pay attention to the above points, let the baby have a good sleep.   相关的主题文章: