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Interior-Decorating Celebrate an old fashioned focal point: Original fireplaces are the very epitome of timeless style. They hold the secrets of the past life of a room, and when mixed with modern pieces, can create a wonderfully dramatic and eclectic look, says Philadelphia based architect Celia Rose. Fireplaces (old or new) are almost always the design focal point of a room; create contrast with modern decor beside this 1830 style William IV limestone fireplace from Ornamental. Fifties style for vintage beginners: There is a real trend for collecting retro Fifties feature pieces among people who do not ordinarily choose vintage for their homes. Highly innovative and forward thinking, Fifties functionalism .pliments the clean lines of modern design, and gives it new character – says interiors consultant Suzie Jasper. Blast back to the Fifties with this Sputnik 24 light pendant from Dwell. Roll top baths exude timeless glamour: A vintage bathtub can instantly transform an unremarkable modern bathroom into a place of luxury and old world glamour – says vintage collector Laurie Black. At mydeco, we can’t get enough of roll top baths, like this Phoenix Bella freestanding bath from the Big Bathroom Shop. Inject Sixties fun into your home office: To liven up a dull, practical office space in your home, try looking to the bold, space age, retro designs of the Sixties. They will .pliment functional furniture with flagrant colours and outrageous forms. This Vitra La Fonda Armchair from Nest will sit well among plain filing cabinets and pale wood shelves. Mix French shabby chic with Louis XIV: If your home is more traditional modern, it is likely you will go for a country cottage or shabby chic look. This modern homage to vintage style is particularly .plimented by vintage Louis XIV style very popular in the Fifties – says vintage collector Joanna Tun. Add a lovers seat, like this Falmouth Cream Bench Seat from Amazonto, to a conservatory or outdoor space. Re-discover design classics: The Chesterfield, like this Spencer Chesterfield sofa from Darlings of Chelsea, is the most timeless of all sofa designs. Synonymous with stylish luxury and elegance, the classic design .pliments both old and new decor. Give old fashioned warmth to a modern kitchen: Modern kitchens designs are amazing, but can sometimes look a little futuristic and sparse. A vintage clock can bring back that feel of "joie de vivre" and a place where cooking and entertaining is enjoyed," says Gerard Bendien managing director of clock makers Roger Lascelles. De-sterilise your modern kitchen with vintage country chic by adding this striking French Gallery clock from Roger Lascelles. Salvaged materials have history: f you are looking for a way to brighten up a contemporary home and do something good for the environment, then seek out salvage. Through salvage, you are guaranteed to find incredible one-of-a-kind vintage pieces to bring character and soul to your home, says architectural salvage specialist Tom Robins. Mix this Mahogany bookcase rom Retrouvius, salvaged from a well-known library, with contemporary pieces to give your room a unique voice. Go back in time for sophisticated storage pieces The dark, ornate features of traditional pre 20th century design can seem a little dated to the modern furniture connoisseur. However, when added as a feature piece amongst neutral, understated, earthy tones in a modern living space, they can really add a bygone elegance to the room. This Haddon Trunk from Barker and Stonehouse presented in vintage cigar leather, with studded timber trims is an ideal storage and style solution for your lounge or study. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: