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I do not want to give you a sense of security, I just want to teach you to pay attention to the public without fear of sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: WeChat public heart to help 1 you have to die when it? Standing at the window or on the overpass, blue skies, white clouds, this is the moment, perhaps can all be over. If a person is not afraid of death, what is she afraid of? Some people are afraid to continue rushing all kinds of thoughts in mind, like boiling water kettle, nearly exploded; some are afraid of no man’s land desolate, even in the crowded streets, also feel like a ghost, has nothing to do with the world. Some people like in the dark jungle, everywhere is green and eyes, do not know how to come from where the beast…… There are people afraid of the memories, so good years, now on the ground, such as autumn leaves, rain falling, everything is gone…… Some people as to another planet, is still in bed before one second, one second after the upside down, such as exposure to the eternal nightmare. There are people who are too painful to feel themselves, who suffer too much pain, such as cancer cells spreading in every inch of their skin and bones…… If it is, the end of life, you may never have to soak in the pain in the formalin liquid, so that the pain of the specimen forever. 2 my consulting room, is to witness a variety of dark moments where. A lot of people here, will have the appearance of shiny fade, exposed to the naked pain, do not need male Yellow Wine, all the goblins will show himself. A lot of people will be surprised at the family’s suicide in Gansu, a desperate mother killed four children, a desperate father killed himself. This is like death skip all of our eyes, that moment, we have seen what is waiting for us outside the window. Life is short, life is long. It’s too late for us to finish the fun until we have to pick up the phone". If you put the mobile phone, came to the island, how do you face the night? Everyone came to the consultation room, there is a stomach to say, there is a head to ask, there are so many problems to be solved. But the real problem, after these problems. When will the real problem come out? When we say, when we no longer want to struggling to live, when we no longer deceive ourselves, when we no longer hide the real problem with the usual problem. 3 at this point, almost everyone is asking me a question: what am I living for? In the end what can support me to live? His mother, father, weak fierce, a small boy’s dream is to become a powerful man, love his wife man; rich, mother, father of the weak, a boy from the dream is to become a way of life of man, free, without any manipulation. Young girls in the foster family, the desire is to grow up to be able to embrace the world; always grow up in a quarrel girl, I hope there is a相关的主题文章: