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I have a secret weapon to lose weight supermodel I will tell you is a vegetable? Review: when you plan to lose weight at this time you need to give up the edge, then Kale, when you need some overeating after psychological comfort, then you need to Kale, Kale is super darling fitness professionals, it will become a supermodel who saw the red stars, even avocado should make it three points! (source: Claire network) so the magic of the kale is actually a dish you have not eaten, but not only have a person! The more thin the "negative calorie" vegetables, let the grass became a cool thing! Kale also known as kale, dark green leaves are very inconspicuous, but as a kind of high nutrition, high fiber, low calorie super vegetables, supermodel, male gods to stop him! A day without eating on the whole body uncomfortable! "Even indifferent face of Bella see kale do not calm her love for kale has been to the" madness "of the state, see her refrigerator, had been occupied in the green jungle! The Kate Winslet in the market when the Kate Winslet is kale street beat big fans sister, see her happy eyes and she hands the woods on it, how can you be so good vegetables do not hoard goods? The Ariana Grande eat kale salad Ariana Grande has maintained a small slender figure, large bowl of salad has more than half of all is kale. And kale can produce a variety of ways to eat, in addition to the most basic salad, it can also be accompanied by a variety of forms around you! "Supermodel Rosie photos holding a cup of kale coffee green juice, carbonated beverages, not only healthy, but also very cool, kale juice became a street fashion. Every morning a cup of fruit and vegetable juice kale, coupled with a full selfie, is not very cool ins! Beyonce is surrounded by loyal kale, kale will also be printed on the sweater, also can see the figure of kale in the "711" in mv. Youtube Yu Bo Bethany Mota soon also get to the same paragraph, in the end what is the magic of kale so that everyone has become a fan sister? To say green leafy vegetables, which is not a low calorie high fiber, but want to become like kale NO.1 have what qualities? Want to let people eat to stop and what to eat?! They 1, low fat, low calorie, high dietary fiber, each containing 100g protein 5g! Nature’s gift. 2. Vitamin C content is higher than that of ordinary fruits and vegetables, but the same amount of kale compared with fruit, fructose content is very low! 3. High fiber, high iron! This means kale will help us defecation, iron at the same time we can keep good complexion, the skin will be shiny, high light, blush! Fall in love with grass when seeing kale!相关的主题文章: