I have a tea, enough to talk about heroes – Sohu-ca1806


I have a tea, enough to heroes – Sohu and the like misty mountains, trees, birds crisp Ming, breeze comfort. Seen Hekai acres of contiguous locations into the tea garden tea garden; Maigu sniff the orchid; climbing over Brown mountain ancient tea trees on Tasan; inner deep feeling root. This time, the form is seductive handsome rattan tea; this time, and is unique by the tea breeding method; this time, by the overlord of the dam in rattan waxy tea. The dirt road through the flying dust, eastward into the East; the largest stockade Mengku mid – waxy dam. After listening to the concept of a hundred times, as you can see, personally touch. Accustomed to the ancient tea tree with luxuriant foliage, dam in waxy, was to break the routine. The cage mesh of ancient tea trees; the branches intertwined, and the long side branches; the ancient tea tree branches, already together, like a cavalry. A little distance, the branches of the traces of the years clearly visible. Some branches such as the thumb; some slender branches up to three or four meters; stepped into the garden, carefully through the gap, afraid to disturb the garden branch. The dam waxy residential dexterous hands, creating Pu’er Tea Megatron arena rattan tea. But see, the thick branches slender only in trees with two or three leaves; the whole vine bare, some wild plants covered with ferns. The annual picking season, farmers will shoot on the tea taken as, only slightly left two leaves on the vine, until the next germination. The number of stay top standards and circular picking limited the To Jocha yield less, can enjoy a cup of tea is not easy. Follow the enthusiasm of local farmers, from picking to made of sun dried green tea; with both hands personally feeling, from a fresh leaf transformation; finger left tea fragrance. Made of rattan tea fresh leaves of tea, the cable is other Pu’er Tea slightly slender stout; silver tea with no golden, unique light shining in the sun. Take a cup of tea, with suitable temperature water. Not for a moment with the tea table, sipping tea taste, oral tongue is strong impact; soup masculine strength will be awakened by the taste buds. Drink tea to the midway, lifting, mouth throat cool, moist; a tea gas from bottom to top, spewing out, breathing the fragrance. Drink to the end, soup sugar sweet tea with sugar rhyme highlights, sweet spread in the mouth; the abdomen warm gradually, the body is like a tea like gas washing, Kuang Shu Yi people. After drinking the brain leaving domineering two words, like the "five tigers" ballsy Zhao Yun domineering. The First impressions are strongest in tea domineering, exposed, convincing. That’s it! The heart of a firm voice shout. Can not wait to share with their partners, simply named it "dam glutinous". Production of rattan tea place in addition to the dam in waxy, Jinggu County Valley Township, Zhenyuan County Taihe King Township, Dongxiang county and Yongde state in return there, and only become rattan tea tea Jianghu waxy dam相关的主题文章: