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If one day, Wang Shi Yu Liangzhen went to leave the tide after Vanke or shell – Sohu securities cibi


If one day, Wang Shi Yu Liangzhen went to leave the tide after Vanke or shell – Sohu securities Vanke investors exchange meeting, the management company said the first half of Vanke employee turnover rate is equivalent to the level of the year 2015, June and July turnover faster, and headhunting company have to peer Vanke poaching, although Vanke also try to retain every employee, but the method is limited, the effect is limited. This column argues that if Vanke employees for the company’s future lack of grasp, or turnover will be relatively sensible, especially if Wang Shi Vanke the first employee turnover, do not rule out the possible loss of Vanke will be most of the backbone. If a large area of staff turnover million, its value may only be 70 billion yuan in cash and the qualifications listed. Vanke shares 25 yuan, net assets accounted for about half of the remaining half, investors are given the premium, why investors are given a premium, because investors think Vanke brand, executives, employees of these factors together can produce more than the market average profits to shareholders, so investors are willing to give more than the net asset value of the shares. This is also the significance of the existence of the capital market, so that the value of high-quality assets, so that the depreciation of inferior assets. Vanke brand is very good, but this is not strong. If one day the news reports repeatedly stressed that Wang Shi has left Vanke, Yu Liang also left Vanke, the backbone of the staff at all levels of more than 80% of the departure, the purchase will think? What would the bank’s credit department think? What would the supplier think? Maybe this time again with the two words Vanke may not be able to reach past invincible effect. The meaning of this column is that if the core of the large number of employees to resign Vanke, which is the core value of Vanke’s business will be great harm. May wish to make such an assumption, if Geely’s acquisition of Volvo, but Volvo’s engineers, R & D team and other management staff have left, or go to BMW or Benz, Volvo, so Li Shufu brought this again have what meaning? Now, Vanke has entered into the dangerous edge, if the parties cannot chiefs as soon as possible to give a Vanke management in the future or accurate statement, then once the Vanke key staff turnover rate reaches a certain level, will be from quantitative change to qualitative, Vanke’s intrinsic value devaluation will be inevitable and irreversible. If you just want to through the real estate heavyweights to destroy placards Vanke strong competitors for the purpose of the desire to be able to achieve, if want to acquire assets through equity bigwigs Vanke value, or even to obtain a higher market share and reputation by holding Vanke, then it must be spent on the future concern. Let Vanke continued healthy growth, allowing Wang Shi and other employees continue to devote their talents to Vanke, Vanke will be only otherwise really tangible assets and listed qualifications. Must admit, Wang Shi’s personal charm is very strong, if Wang Shizhen left Vanke, or start all over again, or become the head of other real estate companies, Vanke a large number of valuable employees will have a large proportion continue to follow Wang Shi, not only is the staff, suppliers, and even the purchase of bank credit;相关的主题文章: