In front of the locker room in Curitiba quest warriors play ball shooting


The quest warriors locker room: Curry wrapped towels to play ball and shot in front of reporters quest warriors locker room sina sports news Beijing time on November 26th, the warriors on the road to 24 points to beat the lakers. In the game an ankle injury in the first dream went to the warriors back before the media group visit interview. About the injury, Green said: "I just want to go to cover shots at that time, when I jumped down don’t know Ian Clark below, I jumped into his neck at first, then the knee seems to have hit him… Then I twisted my foot… And now there’s a little acid… But it is normal to have this reaction after the ice is applied… Tomorrow, after the treatment, I’ll look at the ankle, but my plan is to play tomorrow!" While visiting the locker room, library is one by one off his pants (Tights). Across a seat, Mcgee just sat on my seat, because they have no choice. Like to play after the game, his legs were wrapped in thick ice… Beside the clay has shower, with a towel and wipe the body… His brother, holding boxes, Dakoutaikou enjoy delicacy, dressed in uniforms of the warrior… Soon, Curitiba himself off off… Wrapped in towels, stood up with a chat or two, then turned to leave… Look at the hands of the paper, looked at the trash in the distance… What pupils will do next… You know… Unfortunately, the ball was flying in the air staff answered is… For such behavior, Curitiba immediately conducted a protest… "Hey! Man… Interfering ball!" He hummed into the shower room… Then the dreamer to complete the interview task, back to the locker room… Mcgee can’t wait to lift the phone… Toward the dream smile… Let him pass… Dream quickly sat down, "happy to share the dream based new scripts see"… Subsequently, the Jinzhou will soon get into the shower room… The side of half naked clay face wardrobe… Quietly enjoy the game after dinner… At this time, the warriors Ray came over and told him to be interviewed for a while… He nodded his head… And continue to bow to eat quietly… Clark, who was hit in the throat today, wore a plaid shirt on the door after the game… In a loud voice asked the staff after the bus departure time, then walked away from the visitors’ locker room… His sonorous way… The hit throat should be no more serious. At this time… The pupils finally wash Xiangxiang, returned to my seat… At the same time, just outside the interview Durant also returned to the locker room… KD’s knee also wrapped in thick ice… 35, sat down and began to gobble down up… It seems that everyone is hungry… No food or dream, have… Following the library, he also returned to the seat from the bathroom… And through a "Mcgee distance", the clay has finished dressing up out of the locker room interview… When it comes to tonight’s game, he said: "I think we have played well, although I)相关的主题文章: