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In order to let women get equal pay, these technology giants signed a convention – Sohu Women Equality Day s "technology, which is" women’s equality ", has become a fixed holiday in the United States once a year. Each year on August 26th, the president of the United States will be officially announced, solemnly declared that the day as "women’s equality day", in order to highlight the equal rights of women. But this year’s women’s equality day, a number of scientific and technological color. Figure from: cbslocal White House website first released in August 25th, President Obama’s 2016 Annual Women’s equality day notice. Then on August 26th the same day, the White House website announced that there are 29 large U.S. companies in the birth of this year’s White House fair pay convention signed on June. Among them, including apple, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Intel, LinkedIn and other technology companies. After the signing of the Convention, these companies must do that the role of commercial in reducing the income gap in the country; to analyze a covering of different positions of gender pay each year; re-examine the recruitment procedures and promotion system, as far as possible without being aware of the less respect; take as much as possible measures in enterprise within the scope of guarantee equal pay; strict implementation of the above steps, and the use of other possible ways to narrow the difference between the national compensation, to ensure the basic fairness of all workers. Figure from: abc7news based on gender differences caused by the pay gap has been a concern of the American society. The White House website according to previously published data, in 2014, an American female full-time annual income is only equivalent to male income under the same conditions for 79%, Hispanic and African American women, the situation is particularly serious. To address this issue, the current U.S. President Obama made a lot of efforts. In 2009, Obama signed the first act "as president after Lili · the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act", the signing of the bill is to provide a legal basis for how to realize the equal pay for equal work. Figure from: propresobama in a number of subsequent formal occasions, Obama has repeatedly mentioned the issue of wage fairness. In June this year, Obama also hosted the first ever American women’s summit, and the White House fair pay Convention comes out of this meeting. Apple Corp signed the Convention, said: the same work, should get the same salary. In the past year, Apple has given U.S. employees compensation to make up for the difference…… We are currently analyzing the salaries, bonuses and stock options of employees around the world, and if the problem exists, we will work on it. In addition to the above technology companies, had already Amazon, CISCO, Airbnb, Pinterest, Slack and other technology companies signed the Convention e相关的主题文章: