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In the fierce competition of Wang Dalei Yan Junling is expected to foot goalkeeper Zeng Cheng – Sohu for team sports CengCheng absence, who kept the country? After zhongyizhizhan CengCheng injury, Jiangsu Suning goalkeeper Gu Chao stepped in, although was a bit nervous, but keep a clean sheet. Gu Chao for the first time on behalf of the national war, that is, in such an important focus of the war, the performance must be considered. But when you see when Gu Chao came off the bench instead of Yang Zhi, stands many reporters have some surprise: Yang Zhi after all played in the Asian Cup and the World Cup qualifiers, and rich experience, but Gao Hongbo was sent on the new Gu Chao. Chinese football goalkeeper position is very competitive, originally Wang Dalei, Zeng Cheng, Yan Junling is the three country unshakable, but Wang Dalei and Yan Junling were not selected in the twelve round of the list, a lot of people do not understand. Wang Dalei although occasional mistakes, but the more the competition heroics is his label; Yan Junling is the new generation of goalkeeper is recognized the most comprehensive quality. After the injured goalkeeper Zeng Cheng, the number of possible reshuffle, but with Gu Chao the match without conceding a goal, will occupy a place. Perhaps Wang Dalei and Yan Junling can usher in their own opportunities, and even the impact of the position of the first goalkeeper may. Nandu reporter Feng Zhen相关的主题文章: