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Independent brand heavy vehicle collective debut fun Chengdu Auto Show – Sohu in recent years with the rapid development of automobile China automobile market, the independent brand automobile technology accumulated more and more abundant in vehicle design and overall positioning also mature many. The successful transformation of their sales to the sweet fruit, but to let more consumers desire to buy their own brand, also need to find a proper way of publicity, the show is the best opportunity. Has long been the strength of the independent brand will be the collective enlarge recruit? Look how they play the upcoming Chengdu auto show! DX3: the first southeast young with the vigor, clear positioning characteristics of DX3 is the southeast car with the French Pininfarina two collaboration products, strictly speaking, it is a "hybrid", but it does no harm. It is based on this international exchange and cooperation, DX3 do a clear product positioning, distinctive personality. Followed by the Southeast DX-concept concept car design language, DX3 reflects the style of Hyun Hyun fashion, coupled with its precise positioning of small SUV, young consumers will be its most important consumer groups. From the official release of the test chart, wing grille DX3 will use the family characteristics of the headlamp and the fog was "X" shape, face recognition is very good. The side use a similar Lexus NX with sharp waistline, designed to highlight lines and subduction of low to high before it gives vitality and dynamism. At the same time, DX3 is equipped with a roof rack and a lot of silver sports kit, it looks like sports and delicate. In terms of power, DX3 will have 1.5L self suction and turbocharged two powertrain, the former maximum power of up to 120 horsepower, the latter peak torque 220N·, m, have very good data performance. To see the DX3 strength of what geometry, have to wait it at the Chengdu auto show debut. The GAC trumpchi GS8 listing: independent brand charge, rich configuration design domineering is now belongs to the SUV era, but the independent brand SUV market door open only half, because in the medium SUV market independent brand is difficult to have a breakthrough and as, but let us see the hope in Beijing auto show trumpchi GS8. As a medium SUV, GS8 continued the family "light shaping 2" and "Lingyun wing" design concept, the horizontal and vertical lines and muscle sense appearance with rich design language. Whether it is the first field shaped LED lamp, suspended roof is already popular, both for the United States Department of its many hardcore style color. GS8’s internal use of encircling design, with a good advantage of its space, showing a spacious and comfortable visual experience. The details, the GS8 control panel function area layout neat temperament, wood, cortex and chrome trim highlights the sense of hierarchy and material collocation touch feeling, the interior of the whole grade is consistent with the high-end positioning GS8. In addition, GS8 also has a wealth of configuration, partition empty R相关的主题文章: