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Internet users in Qinghai reflect merchants carved stone in the roadside pollution of the environmen winavi


Qinghai users reflect the merchant carved stone   in the roadside environment pollution; remediation official — local leaders — people.com.cn resume of Hao Peng   |  message to the governor of Qinghai Province, Beijing in October 14, people.com.cn   recently, Qinghai, a netizen posted, reflect the local merchants who have carved stone on the side of the road to environmental pollution, official attention. "Businesses in the roadside all carved stone, lead dust everywhere, cause serious pollution to the environment." In this regard, Huangzhong County Environmental Protection Bureau reply said that the true conditions of intersection carved stone dust Xu, the relevant departments have been asked relevant businesses engaged in the sale of shops only, do not allow for stone processing operations in the side of the road, to go to the backyard for stone processing industry and other items, and keep the environment clean and the surrounding shops. (Intern Zhang Lijuan) [Internet message] respected governor hello! Huangzhong County Xu Village under the intersection of a carved stone boss on the roadside all day long carved stone, lead dust everywhere, cause great pollution to the environment, the city area? Zhai carved monument carved in the roadside, why Xu the carved stone, still on the roadside stop the moment, I have many times to Huangzhong area reflect, have not solved. Please settle the governor, give our people a better living environment, thank you! Reply: dear friends people.com.cn, now will you reflect the answer matters as follows: the investigation Xu carved stone dust generated true crossroad under a certain situation, has asked the relevant merchant shops only engaged in sales are not allowed in the side of the road stone processing, stone processing and other items to the back yard work, and keep the shops surrounding environment clean and tidy.   (: Zhang Zheng, commissioning editor Han Yue)相关的主题文章: